… 1.ABOUT BIKI Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked Top 20 on CoinMarketCap. has provided a digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs.… Read More »BIKI EXCHANGE IN SOUTH KOREA lists TriipMiles (TIIM), the World’s First Sustainable Travel Ecosystem rewarding Travelers and Travel Enterprises

Singapore, 29th June 2020 — Community-driven cryptocurrency exchange is pleased to announce that Singapore-based TriipMiles’ token TIIM, will be listing soon on the exchange. .. Triip is an innovative data start-up that boasts a simple… Read More » lists TriipMiles (TIIM), the World’s First Sustainable Travel Ecosystem rewarding Travelers and Travel Enterprises


… 1.What is COINSBIT token (CNB)? It is a token created by the COINSBIT team. The token was created primarily to facilitate and accelerate buying of cryptocurrency on the OTC exchange which works based on… Read More »COINSBIT (CNB)


. 1.What is ICON (ICX)? . On the Project side The ICON Project aims to overcome such challenges and help advance our society towards true hyperconnectivity.  ICON is inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s… Read More »ICON (ICX)


. 1.What is Tokoin (TOKO)? . On the project side Tokoin is a Blockchain project focused on providing technology solutions, to change the way MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) operate, optimize their potential and… Read More »TOKOIN (TOKO)


. 2. What are the Offers of TrustVerse? Two state of life AI and Blockchain Platform Solutions: Life & Death  Safely protect your assets through private smart contracts and families with donation and inheritance design… Read More »TRUSTVERSE (TRV)


. 1.What is QURAS (XQC) token? XQC standing for Quras token is one of several tokens published for cryto trading by the global digital assets platform- BiKi Exchange. With attractive offers and competitive advantages,… Read More »QURAS (XQC)


. 1.What is Electroneum (ETN)? Electroneum is a complementary currency that has been developed to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, easy access to a cryptocurrency. Within a few minutes of installing the mobile app… Read More »ELECTRONEUM (ETN)

Waves (WAVES)

. 1.What is WAVES? In fact, WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. Besides, compliant gateway helps maintain national transfer on its blockchain. In addition, decentralized token exchange facilitates fundraising,… Read More »Waves (WAVES)


. 1.What is Neutrino Dollar? USDN is one of several tokens of a global digital assets trading firm Besides, via website, users can also learn about digital asset exchange, maker and taker, buying… Read More »NEUTRINO DOLLAR (USDN)