BiKi Matic AMA


On 26 February 2020, BiKi conducted an AMA session with MATIC Network on MATIC’s Telegram. Owing to the huge community support, we received an overwhelming engagement from the audience, asking numerous questions about BiKi and… Read More »BiKi X MATIC AMA Q&A

BiKi Zero AMA

📢BiKi X Zero AMA

📢BiKi X Zero AMA ⏰Time: 2020/03/02 20:00 (GMT +8) Join us for an AMA with WX, Chinese Community Leader of ZER, where he will talk about $ZER and much more! How To Join:1️⃣ Scan QR code in poster… Read More »📢BiKi X Zero AMA

BiKi announcement

📢BiKi X Harmony AMA

📢BiKi X Harmony AMA ⏰Time: 2020/02/28 10:00 (GMT +8) Join us for a Ask Me Anything with Rongjian Lan , Co-founder and CTO of Harmony How To Join:1️⃣ Scan the QR Code2️⃣ Add the BiKi Staff3️⃣… Read More »📢BiKi X Harmony AMA

BiKi AMA with Telos

Transcript of TELOS AMA

Video: Below is the transcript of the AMA: Nicole: Hello Pascal!  Pascal: Hi!  Nicole: I’m Nicole from BiKi Exchange. A little background about BiKi, BiKi is headquartered in Singapore and we are a global crypto exchange ranked top 20 on CoinMarketCap. Since our launch in… Read More »Transcript of TELOS AMA