Cryptocurrency Exchange

BiKi cryptocurrency exchange
Users can execute limit and market trades on our exchange


OTC Markets

BiKi OTC trading
Users can buy USDT, BTC or DAI using Fiat


Perpetual Contracts

BiKi Perpetual Contracts
Users can open or close positions on cryptocurrencies

The most recent update to products offered on is the BiKi Perpetual Contract which was launched on 2020/03/02. Currently, BTC/USDT, BTC/USD, ETH/USDT and ETH/USD pairs are open for contract trading (contract trading in EOS, XRP and LTC will be coming soon). The BiKi Perpetual Contract features up to 150 times of leverage to open position, lower maker and taker trading fees, as well as zero clawback and margin mechanism with 100% flexible settlement of profits. BiKi also provides tutorials on the website to ensure traders are well-informed of their decision. 


Margin Trading

BiKi Margin Trading


Leverage ETF

Highly aware of the market volatility in cryptocurrency trading where forced liquidation is common, BiKi uses a position-by-position leverage model to reduce investor risk. With full-position leverage, a trader can easily lose everything, hence BiKi’s position-by-position model was developed to effectively control losses, where the profit and loss of each position does not affect funds in other accounts. Its leverage trading service marks the latest user-oriented feature of the exchange, optimizing opportunities for the platform’s users to benefit. 


BiKi FastLoan

Users can lend cryptocurrencies quickly

The BiKi Fast Loan is a service where you can pledge your digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and other popular currencies as collateral for USDT. Some of the core advantages include simple and convenient lending process with one of the lowest interest rates for borrowers. Fund security is of utmost importance to every user and is also a top priority for BiKi. BiKi’s transaction mechanism operates with high-level security and BiKi uses a completely offline multi-sig to store private keys. 


BiKi Mining Pool

Users can stake their tokens with BiKi

The BiKi Mining Pool includes a number of pan-asset management operations such as PoS Staking and wealth management for mainstream, platform and popular currencies, thereby responding to a diverse range of consumer financial needs. For the first phase, mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and the BIKI platform currency have been included.  


BiKi Power

Users can subscribe to new listings