LGCY Grid Trading Jackpot

Activity period: 12/10, 16:00 – 12/11, 16:00 (GMT+8)


1. Make any amount of grid transaction in LGCY/USDT on BiKi platform.

2. Share ROI poster with BiKi UID in https://t.me/bikigrid like this screenshot below

3. ROI posters with 0% are not qualified to the prize pool.

4. Each UID can only claim the reward once per day.

5. Running time for the grid order must not be less than 1 hour.

Prize Structure:

1. A daily prize pool of 1,000 USDL will be allocated for each day.

2. The prize pool is for reward distribution to users who fully satisfy the rules of the activity. Your reward amount will depend on the number of participants of the day ( 16:00 GMT +8)

– For example: if there are 19 users who share ROI poster, each user gets 1.11 USDL, totaling 10 USDL won from the day. There is a balance prize pool of 990 USDL that will be rolled over to the next day. The prize pool of the next day will be 990 USDL + 1,000 USDL for winners of the next day.

3. Balance prize pool not won of the day will be rolled over to the next day. And rewards per participant will be increased, re-calculated and announced here.

4. The prize pool will only snowball for 3 days. (extended to bonus round 1 more day as there are 63 LGCY/USDT Grid Traders for Day 3)

5. If the final prize pool at the end of the activity period is not 100% redeemed due to lack of participants of the day, the prize pool will be carried forward to the next phase, to be announced and decided until further notice.

7. Allocation of rewards is as per poster above

Total No. of Participants of the day USDL Rewards per Participant Prize Pool (USDL)
10 – 20 3.56 – 7.11 3% of prize pool
21 – 40 4.15 – 7.90 7% of prize pool
41 – 50 8.06 – 9.83 17% of prize pool
51 – 60 11.85 – 13.95 30% of prize pool
61- 70 18.63 – 21.37 55% of prize pool
71 – 80 23.71 – 26.71 80% of prize pool
81 and above 29.27 each 100% of prize pool

Bonus Draw: Top 10 LGCY Grid Trading Volume Participants from day 1 to day 3 + bonus round will receive 50 USDL each.

How to find ROI poster in BiKi app? Click “Play” on the video below

Not sure how to do Grid Trading? There is a step by step guide for beginners >>>

Read here on the Complete Guide to BiKi Grid Trading

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