Interview: Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia

By BlocDesk – March 18, 2021.

Most of the crypto community members know about BiKi, and some of us have even used it ourselves. However, just to ensure that those who are unaware of your platform, can you please briefly introduce Biki to our readers?

BiKi, established in 2018, is a global digital asset trading platform with over 3 million registered users, and its businesses cover spot trading, contract trading, grid trading, leveraged trading, staking, ETF and liquidity mining. Now it can reach an average daily transaction volume of about US$ 1 billion and is well known for its model innovation, product diversity, and rich assets. With rich experience in technology and operations, we are committed to providing safe, stable, and reliable service to users worldwide, and have set up local teams in several countries including Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, and Turkey.-Advertisement-

Now, can you also tell us how Biki stands apart from other crypto exchange and trading platforms?

BiKi is one of the very few trading platforms that has survived since its establishment in 2018 and has grown in scale. We are quite focused on product diversity, including providing spot, derivatives, investment, staking, DeFi, etc., with each to the mainstream level.
Also, BiKi has been deeply involved in the Japanese, Korean and South-East Asian markets with certain number of users, and its development in those regions has also become an integral part of the platform’s strength.

We see that Biki also has few DeFi features built into the platform, like the Fast Loan, Biki Staking and more. Please tell us more about them.

BiKi is an early platform to engage DeFi field. After the second DeFi explosion in 2020, more than 50 popular DeFi projects such as COMP, YFI, UNI, SUSHI, etc. were listed and supported with grid trading, and liquidity mining. At the same time, the platform is also the first to support the DeFi part of TRON.
As for the BiKi Staking, it was launched in 2019 and has been officially upgraded to the “Staking Pro” as the first phase of the mining pool financial management project and now is available on the official website.

What is the size of Biki’s present user base? Can you shed some light on the YoY growth experienced by the platform?

Currently there are more than 3 million users on the platform, with majority from our community. BiKi has always attached importance to building community consensus, giving users more platform rights. As the platform develops, there are more and more community alliances and users are helping the platform.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have performed beyond expectation in the recent months, renewing interest in cryptocurrencies among many. How has this benefited your platform? Did the rise in BTC and ETH prices to their all-time highs pose any challenges?

BiKi’s development in both spot and futures trading has matured. With other businesses, like leveraged, ETF or staking, they can help users capture market trends and generate value to make a win-win situation possible. The market changes all the time, which has also accelerated the development of the whole industry, and the trends will be a major challenge to the platform if they can create opportunities.

Tell us something about your team.

Team members come from elites of all levels including blockchain, traditional finance, cryptography, marketing and branding, and computers with good understanding of blockchain development and investment.

  • Winter, Founder & CEO of BiKi, a serial entrepreneur with rich experience in blockchain industry, Internet and venture capital and used to be in charge of finance and technology investment at K2VC.
  • Fancy, CTO of BiKi, a blockchain technology expert and core engineer, has rich experience in technology development, risk control, and project management.
  • Ethan, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, in charge of overseas market with key knowledge and know-how for crypto markets within the Southeast Asia. Ng is former Marketing Lead of Huobi Global and possesses a wealth of experience in S.E.A. expansion and startup growth hacking.

What is the process of listing tokens on Biki? How do you decide on whether to support a certain cryptocurrency or not?

Project can click through the link on our platform to submit and we will review the authenticity, integrity of the material, security of the project, and basic information like project white paper, official website, token information, to determine whether to support a certain cryptocurrency.

What is Biki Power?

BiKi Power is a privileged right to the BiKi partners. After holding more than 10,000 BIKI and staking for 1 year (completed by BiKi Power), you can become a partner and enjoy the benefits of staking interest, referral, transaction fee discount and new currency airdrop.

Can you tell us more about Biki’s partnerships with other crypto businesses and projects? Any new announcements we should watch out for?

  • BiKi has reached cooperation with Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO) to support its development and empower good projects.
  • BiKi launched a bug bounty program together with Slowfog with a maximum reward of $10,000 equivalent to BIKI for severe vulnerabilities.
  • BiKi has achieved strategic cooperation with a futures trading community to improve in operation, market trends and community development.

What is your outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2021?

With more and more attention has been posed on the blockchain industry, many traditional institutions has moved into the cryptocurrency market. Factors such as decentralization, compliance and market conditions will affect the dynamic trends of the industry. We will continue to strengthen the infrastructure establishment and follow the trends of the market.

Anything more you would like to let us know or convey to our readers?

Only being a trend can you lead the trend, there BiKi is a cryptocurrency trend.

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