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Define Ethereum Layer 2

Ethereum Layer 2  Layer 2 refers to a protocol or secondary structure that is built over the existing blockchain framework. The main purpose of these protocols is to address the challenge of the speed and… Read More »Define Ethereum Layer 2

BiKi MWC Listing

MWC Lists on BiKi Exchange

Facts about MWC  MWC, Mimble Wimble Coin is a rare, secure, scalable, private and untraceable digital currency that uses open source software to implement Mimble Wimble and is freely available to everyone. MWC is designed… Read More »MWC Lists on BiKi Exchange

Lessons on Ethereum

Facts about Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum is a platform that enables users to create applications that are decentralized. It is a blockchain-based operating system that enables users to facilitate smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps). Ether… Read More »Lessons on Ethereum

BiKi RARE Jackpot TW

RARE Grid Trading Jackpot

Activity period: 12/22, 20:00 – 12/25, 20:00 (GMT+8) Rules: 1. Make any amount of grid transaction in RARE/USDT on BiKi platform. 2. Share ROI poster with BiKi UID in like this screenshot below 3. ROI posters… Read More »RARE Grid Trading Jackpot

Премьер листинг CAVO на бирже BiKi

BiKi станет первой платформой , которая добавит токен CAVO токен Зарегистрируйте здесь свой аккаунт BiKi и начните торговлю прямо сейчас! Платформа BiKi объявляет о премьер листинге CAVO и откроет торговлю для пары CAVO/USDT. Подробности: Время… Read More »Премьер листинг CAVO на бирже BiKi

BiKi HOT Projects Search List 23 Oct

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