BiKi Partner Nodes

In a nutshell, BiKi Partner Nodes refer quality projects to the exchange and receive benefits in return. Projects referred by Partner Nodes are given priority listing and will be fast-tracked to be researched, with all due consideration given to advice from the partners.

If the BiKi listing committee approves the referred projects, they will be put through BiKi’s growth program where after listing, they will enjoy publicity perks such as being featured in top news sites. In addition, BiKi will handpick community partners to lead and grow the projects’ local communities as well as select active community members to join the projects’ local communities.

BiKi deems every successful partnership a two-way street where BiKi partners grow together with the exchange. The platform is happy to offer Partner Nodes pipelines to its resources and will include partner profiles in the BiKi menu of resources to industry players.

Partners and listed projects will be invited to exclusive events and meetups with opportunities to join panel discussions or present keynotes. The BiKi world tour events offers such opportunities and BiKi intends to bring along promising projects, media and key influencers to share their industry knowledge and experiences for tackling specific geographic challenges. BiKi will feature partner logos at these events where opportunities to co-host with BiKi and to leverage on the exchange’s resources will be made available.

Recognizing all Partner Nodes as unique identities who have the potential to contribute in different yet extremely valuable ways to the ecosystem that BiKi is building, in addition to referral incentives, the exchange will also offer customized nameplates and unique gift packs as a token of their appreciation to their partner nodes.