BiKiTalk: AMA Recap with xHumanity ($XDNA)

BiKi Exchange is delighted to share information on its new hot listing on BiKi’s crypto exchange, that is up for trade, $XDNA.

Here is the recap of the AMA with the project, Humanity’s CEO and angel investor, Cosmin Vranceanu, and the founder, Gheorghe Biculescu! 👀 👀

Host (H): Good evening, everyone. We will begin the AMA soon.

H: Hi everybody! Good evening, thank you for your support. I am Ah Niu, the host for tonight’s AMA.

H: Welcome everyone to the AMA this evening.

H: Tonight we are honored to invite Gheorghe Biculescu – Founder and Cosmin Vranceanu – CEO of xHumanity to our community to share about $XDNA.

Gheorghe Biculescu(G): hello every one, chinese people. I’m so glad to be here with you!

Cosmin Vranceanu(C): hello. nice to meet you.

H: Lets have the guest to say hi to us

H: Please introduce yourselves @cosmin vranceanu @Gheorghe Biculescu

C: My name is Cosmin Vranceanu and I’m the CEO and angel investor for the xHumanity project. I’m a Romanian citizen like most of our team. xHumanity represents our dream for a better world. As the name suggests our app involves people for the people. We use blockchain technology to solve social problems, distribute equity rewards, and in the end to build a different social media network. 

H: @Gheorghe Biculescu pls type “OK” once you are done with the reply to a question. thank you

C: I have a lot of experience in design and implement software solutions. I own a few companies in Romania in different domains like engineering, software, and education. 

G: Hi, I’m Gheorghe Biculescu, 21 years senior programmer, team leader and project manager made a huge ERP software. I’m the founder of this project. I had a vision to use decentralization’s blockchain for the people and communities. It’s about us and our independency.



H: Next, let’s get to the main topic. During this time, everyone should pay attention to cooperation and don’t disturb the sharing of guests too much. After the live broadcast, we will discuss it freely~

H: Guests are reminded to type “OK” once you are done with the reply to a question. thank you.

G: #Thumbsup

C: #Thumbsup

H: Please introduce your project “xHumanity”.@Gheorghe Biculescu @cosmin vranceanu

C: Blockchain technology has much to contribute to the evolution of the Next Generation Internet and towards achieving high levels of Distributed Trust seamlessly and unobtrusively, by explicitly increasing the trustworthiness of the content shared through future media. rust is essential to societies and blockchain has the potential to shift the focus from trust in people and institutions to trust in the technology being used.

C: After we identified the main problems in the current applications and searched for solutions, we started to put the main concepts for our idea on the paper.

C: First, it was a redesign of the reputation (rating) system which is wrong today. We need to do that in order to properly design second part of the app.

C: Secondly, we designed the financial parts which include: rewards, donations, UBI (Universal Basic Income), access to lending and borrowing services. The last part was about an advertising system which has to be governed by the users, as all important aspects in an app.


H: What are your stellar achievements? (e.g. investments, team members, public interest, celebrity endorsement or anything significant) @cosmin vranceanu

G: Main achievement for the project is the team itself. All members have at least 20 years experience in software developing and machine learning. Listing on Bitmart was another milestone of the project. Now we also list on here, on Biki. We also have a large community which support us. Parnership with EmiSwap, Polkadot and Elrond are on the way.


H: What problems do XDNA solve? @cosmin vranceanu

G: 1. Fake news presence in news feeds 
2. Unwanted ads for every user 
3. Affiliation charity issues 
4. Unfair rewards for users behavior
5. Centralized decision-making for application development

H: What makes XDNA different? Why would the users choose XDNA?

C: xDNA is different in many ways from other projects.

  1. Game of Truth implementation (AI-based) –   This is very important in trust-building. For example, one implementation of this in our project will be opinion polls. Anonymity and privacy from blockchain plus rewards from crypto will allow people to express their feelings, thoughts, and opinions more accurately regarding any subjects.
  2. Advertising system oriented towards the users. In other words, companies will be able to pay and buy higher rankings in the system. Users will choose which ads to see and for how long.
  3. Direct donations to wallets- Blockchain is perfect to eliminate middlemen in financial transactions. This way the donations will arrive directly at their intended destinations.
  4. Reward users’ consensus- The reputation system is one of the pillars of our system. We chose not only to reward people for just likes/dislikes or comment activities. More than that we measure the quantity and content of replies on some particular post. We will use Artificial Intelligence to measure all social activities.
  5. Decentralized system governed by users- We designed a special app based on groups instead of individuals like the current apps. This allows us to implement a faster voting system. Governance is very important for the course of the app. If the users want to transform it into a more or less financial app that will be their choice.


H: Why choose to list on BiKi? What is going to change and improve from this partnership?

C: We chose BIKI because is a great exchange. Also we studied community and we liked it very much. BIKI is our gateway to Chinese community. We respect very much Chinese people and also i have many friends and partners in China. We plan to do many actions together with BIKI. Also when MVP will be ready we will do things in common for BIKI community.

H: What can we expect from XDNA in the near future? @cosmin vranceanu

G: Today we are developing our MVP. We still show some of our concepts to the world. This month hopefully we will launch it. At the same time, we are building the first component of our ecosystem – the crypto jobs market. And we also work on the reputation and reconciliation system.

G: The main goald is to build trust between users and between users and the system. This combined with the emotions and posts (images, videous) will offer us to provide an acuracy reputation system and to create true memory virtual reality for people in the future.

G: We are now developing a full stack of DEFI services starting with staking until the borrowing system. It will be available this year.


H: Last question: Any other fun facts/interesting comments about (Project name/ticker)  to add?

C: I want to give two advices to peoples:
– Train yourself is the most certain investment you can make in your life.
– Read the documentation of the project before investing. Search for team members and their social profiles


H: We thank the quests for the wonderful sharing. We shall now move on to the Q&A session.

C: Thank you!

G: Thank you!

H: Guests can choose three user questions to answer, and the selected friends can get 10,000 XDNA! @cosmin vranceanu @Gheorghe Biculescu

🔔 Community Q&A 🔔

Q1: May I ask what method is used to stake and lend $XDNA tokens to make money?

C: Actually we have staking on Ethereum network. Also staking on BSC will be available in app. Farming also on BSC. Lending will be develop in May.

Q2: Is there an app for $XDNA?

C: App will be available something in the next of this month.

Q3: How do we mine $XDNA?

G: xDNA cannot be mined. They will just minted per year.

Q4: Will it use other public chain Ethereum, and the service charge is too high?

C: Yes. $XDNA is also on Binace Smart Chain. Soon also on Polkadot with our own parachain.

Q5: Can I get $XDNA rewards for participating in the community in our country?

C: Yes. Of course.

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

H: We have come to the end of the AMA. Thanks to the guests for your patience and your sharing. Thanks to the translator for the efforts too.

C: Thank you very much

G: Thank you!

G: It was a great AMA. Thank you for the miss translator also.

H: Thank you everyone for the support!

H: The AMA session has officially ended. The floor is free for discussion~~

H: Bye bye~~

📌 Trade XDNA/USDT on BiKi exchange on BiKi

Trade XDNA on BiKi
Trade XDNA on BiKi

📌 Token Introduction:

Name/Ticker:extraDNA (XDNA) $XDNA

Total Supply:11000000000

Circulation Supply: 1894000000

Official Website:

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White paper:

📌 Project Introduction:

xHumanity is a blockchain-powered social community developed to empower individuals and businesses to fully take advantage of social media networking. xHumanity directly connects to centralized social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Investors looking to earn a decent ROI can farm, lend, and stake their capital to earn $xDNA tokens.

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