BiKiTalk: DeFi Finance & Ecological Project Analysis


Decentralized Finance, known as decentralized finance or distributed finance, refers to those applications in various financial fields developed in an open decentralized network. The goal is to build a multi-level financial system based on blockchain technology and digital currency to re-create and improve the existing financial system.

DeFi Token Analysis

DeFi 24H Total Lock-In Distribution

as of 15 Nov 2020

Decentralized Transactions Layout in DeFi

The Continuation of DeFi

The Continuation of DeFi :

Rise of DeFi

The DeFi industry experienced explosive growth in the third quarter. Although this craze has cooled down at the end of the quarter, but it has formed a fundamental change in the way the industry handles token issuance, and giving ownership to the users.

DeFi Continuation

With the continuous enrichment of application use cases and the continuous improvement of ecological empowerment, the future of DeFi will be unlimited.

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