BiKiTalk: AMA Recap with Unique G, Community Manager of Unique.One ($RARE)

BiKi Exclusive Listing of Unique.One – NFT Arts Marketplace

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Unique.One on the exclusive listing of $RARE token.

Unique is a next-generation decentralised NFT arts marketplace for the growing world of digital Artists and collectors. You can create and market ERC721 single copy or ERC1155 multiple copy Digital Art NFT on our platform. 

Unique wants to be the first truly community-run art marketplace and believes that this diversity will make it truly unique, a one of a kind project in the world. 

On December 21, 2020, we were honored to have invited Unique G, Community Manage of Unique.One to an AMA session with the BiKi community, sharing with them about the problems, solutions and challenges faced including what the future holds for them.

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Don’t fret if you missed the AMA. Below is the AMA recap on December 21, 2020 at 19:00 GMT +8:

Host: Hi everyone, thanks for your support. I will be the host for tonight’s AMA.

Host: We are very happy to invite Unique.One Community Manager to be our AMA Guest tonight, and share about RARE with us.

Host: @UniqueG Please reply “OK” after you answered every question so that I can proceed with the next question.

Host: @UniqueG Please introduce yourself.

Unique G: Hi everyone, I am very happy to be here and to have the collaboration of a strong and innovative BiKi Exchange.  I am the community manager of Unique.One which is a decentralised community project.

Host: Please tell us about your project.

Unique G: Unique is a next-generation decentralised NFT arts marketplace for the growing world of digital Artists and collectors. You can create and market ERC721 single copy or ERC1155 multiple copy Digital Art NFT on our platform. Unique wants to be the first truly community-run art marketplace and believes that this diversity will make it truly unique, a one of a kind project in the world. We are happy to secure the listing of our $RARE token on Biki Exchange.

Host: Can you briefly explain the project background to us?

Unique G: Non Fungible Token or NFT has been around for some time. The most famous of which is Cryptokitties which clogged the Ethereum network a few years ago. Recently, after the DeFi hype this year, NFT market started to explode with exponential growth in volume. The reason is there are a lot more interesting projects but also NFT combined with fractionalisation offers endless applications, one of which is in DeFi. Our project is to create a marketplace for Digital Art NFT. This project started as a response to greedy and unfair Digital Art NFT Platforms that are owned by corporations and profit minded Venture Capital firms. They use the illusion of decentralisation in order to attract artists and collectors on their platform. We felt that lack of concern, high fees and manipulative practices is unfair to artists and the community and decided we can create a better platform that is truly owned by the community.

Host: @Unique G thanks for your reply. So what are your stellar achievements? (be it investments, team members, public interest, celebrity endorsement)

Unique G: We concluded a small private round for USD200k under a Fair Launch model within 5 days. Everyone including team members have to purchase the tokens. Besides investments, we are glad to have the support from a famous incubator/accelerator in Singapore and also a famous crypto youtuber in the USA with 175k subscribers. We are also in the early stages of securing a partnership with NFT fractionalisation protocols.

Host: Please talk about the problems solved by RARE tokens?

Unique G: Other decentralised NFT marketplaces practice censorship along with other forms of unfair practices; they are typically owned by profit seeking corporations and backed by VCs. Their objective is to extract profit rather than giving back to the Digital Art community. Unique.One aspires to be a truly decentralised digital art marketplace that supports Artists instead of profiting off them. We are non-profit seeking and have a net-zero fee policy. We believe in supporting Artists and do not charge Artists for creating work.

Host: What makes RARE different? Why would consumers choose RARE?

Unique G: Net Zero Platform Fee. For collectors/buyers we charge 1% platform fee which will be used to buy $RARE from the market and airdropped to existing $RARE token holders. Net-zero platform fee. Artist No-Fee Policy. We don’t charge commission from Creators. Artists get full price for their work. Creation Mining. Unique.One will be the first platform to reward Creators for publishing their artworks on the platform. 10% of our $RARE token supply is reserved for Creators. Usage Mining. Users (Buyers and Sellers) of the platform will be incentivised with $RARE tokens on the basis of transaction count + volume. Artist Contests. Unique.One will hold weekly Artist contests providing Artists with an opportunity to win $RARE. 1 million $RARE tokens are reserved for this. Liquidity Mining. Liquidity providers will share 1 million $RARE tokens for providing liquidity on Uniswap and other exchanges. More details will be released closer to launch.

Host: What is going to change and improve from this partnership?

Unique G: We hope to grow our community and BiKi’s community together.  There is a lot of potential in NFT and especially NFT fractionalisation.  We hope we can add value to all the projects.

Host: What can we expect from RARE in the near future?

Unique G: The ultimate objective for Unique.One is to create a vibrant true decentralised marketplace independently operated by the Digital Art community which will offer new and professional Artists a place to socialise and push their creativity to the limits in a fair and level playing field. Unique One believes in full decentralisation and will introduce a governance structure under pinned by a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). We are a fully community owned Digital Art NFT Platform by Artists and for Artists.

Host: The last question, any other fun facts or interesting comments about RARE to add?

Unique G: NFT or Non Fungible Tokens is one of the most interesting and high potential areas of Crypto and DeFi. A unique NFT token can be fractionalised into numerous Erc20 tokens. This allows fractional ownership of a piece of Digital Art, but also when applied to DeFi, it allows an NFT Bond or financial instrument to be fractionalised. Unique One will be working with NFT fractionalisation projects in order to convert a Unique NFT into ERC20 tokens. Once it is converted into ERC20 tokens, each token represents a share of the Digital Artwork and can be traded on any exchange. This introduces liquidity to otherwise untradable assets. The application of NFT is endless and we hope to be one of the strong proponents of this technology.

Host: Ok, thank you very much for the wonderful sharing from our Guest. Next, let’s proceed to the Q&A Reward Session.

Community Question 1: Can RARE surpass Ripple’s market value? I am optimistic.

Community Question 2: What challenges does Unique currently face? How is the distribution of RARE tokens and airdrops planned? What are the measures to attract new projects and developers?

Unique G: The main problem we are trying to solve is the profit extraction from NFT platforms by companies.  Other platforms will charge just for creating an Artwork NFT and they will extract fees from both buyer and seller as much as 2.5% each.  This is what makes the market illiquid and not only that.  This has the effect to drain the money from the NFT economy.  So a group of us see this injustice and decided to launch this platform as a response.  We dont charge artists as many are struggling.  And the seller does not pay fees.  The buyer only pays 1% fee and this fee is used to buy back RARE from the market (increasing the price).  The RARE is bought back will be redistributed to circulating supply token holders.  This can also be burned.  The main point is that our platform in effect does not have any fees.  This is why we call it net-zero fees platform.

Community Question 3: How much is in circulation? How much does the project team hold?

Community Question 4: How do you let more artists know and understand your platform and how to attract them to participate?

Unique G: The relationship between Art and Blockchain started from track and trace solutions which did not use NFT tokens. However, the NFT trend only started to grow due to Digital Art NFT. This also did not happen until the platform started incentivising users with tokens. One of the main reason that artists prefer NFT is because the copyright will reside with the artists. Collectors have the right to keep and use for their own purpose. This is why the artist can charge a royalty fee when there is a resale, giving them a recurring income. So answering your question, Unique.One is actually the first in a series of platforms. We expect to launch a photo platform in Feb 2021. The photo platform will have its own token and some airdrop will be give to holders of RARE. The platform after the photo platform is probably going to be physical art NFT platform. We did not want to reveal this in our website and other literature because we did not want to over-promise. We will also have an innovative DAO governance that isnt seen before. We will announce the photo marketplace at EthDenver which is the largest Eth event in the world and this year it will be done virtually in a 7 day 24 hour event. We are proud to be sponsors of their VR Art Gallery in which Superrare and Opensea will also participate in.

Community Question 5: Currently it is difficult to determine the value of NFT tokens due to its liquidity so does RARE have any plans for mortgage lending and how do we valuate it?

Community Question 6: At present, the virtual money market is basically saturated. How can Unique break through many obstacles and attract users to participate?

Community Question 7: What interests you about this project?

Community Question 8: What do you think about the lack of liquidity in the NFT market? How to solve it?

Community Question 9: What is RARE total supply?

Community Question 10: Will RARE create an auction platform for these digital art (collectibles) and assist in the value marketing? Will there be cooperation or relevance with the traditional art auction model (physical art sales)?

Community Question 11: In terms of technology? What are the advantages over other digital currencies?

Community Question 12: Is it an open-source project?

Community Question 13: NFT projects, being the tuyere now, what do you think of the NFT trend in this bull market? What are the challenges and opportunities that RARE will face?

Community Question 14: What are the current partners?

Unique G: Some of the investment we received in private sale is from a famous youtuber but it is not convenient to reveal his name.  There is also a famous incubator and accelerator in Singapore that supported us.  And we are also working with NFTwrapper, which is an NFT fractionalisation protocol.

Community Question 15: Is the opening price for RARE at 0.20 USDT?

Community Question 16: How does RARE plan to expand into the global markets?

Community Question 17: What is the current flux? Which country are the majority of users in?

Community Question 18: What is the focus of RARE’s future layout? What are the current successful cases?

Community Question 19: Any plans to list on the top trading platform?

Community Question 20: How will this project be presented to you in the future?

Community Question 21: Now many people can’t see NFT. Can you describe the value of NFT and its products in detail?

Community Question 22: I learned from the Telegram Group that RARE opening price is 0.20USDT, is that true?

Community Question 23: Will it go to the Uniswap Exchange?

Community Question 24: In what ways will you cooperate with BiKi in the future?

Community Question 25: Are there any funds or institutions in RARE at the moment?

Community Question 26: What are the landing applications of this project?

Community Question 27: What kind of incentive mechanism does Unique have for those artists to willingly participate in Unique?

Community Question 28: BiKi address showed 12500 tokens so what are they for?

Community Question 29: Does RARE support pos?

Community Question 30: What is the total supply and how are they distributed?

Community Question 31: What are your opinions on the Asian markets?

Community Question 32: In terms of token layout, what are the efforts made?

Community Question 33: Is there any offline activities in China?

Community Question 34: Other than trading in the secondary market, what other ways are there to obtain RARE?

Community Question 35: Will RARE participate in BiKi liquidity project cooperation?

Community Question 36: What plans does RARE have in the future? How to benefit participants?

Community Question 37: What are the directions for the flow of tokens?

Host: Hi everyone, the AMA has ended. Thank you for everyone’s participation.

Unique G: Thank you everyone. See you in Telegram. And hope for a good first day trading tomorrow! Good bye

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BiKi platform will be launching the Exclusive Listing of Unique.One (RARE) and opening deposit, withdrawal and trading for RARE/USDT. The details are as follows:

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2. Opening time for trading: 12/22, 18:00 (GMT +8)

3. Opening time for withdrawal: 12/23, 12:00 (GMT +8)

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Rules: During the activity period, users who transfer their RARE to BiKi platform or buy RARE on BiKi platform will get to receive the following rewards according to the number of participants. The more participants, the higher rewards!

1 – 10 deposit users: 5 RARE each

20 – 40 deposit users: 10 RARE each

30 – 50 deposit users: 15 RARE each

60 – 80 deposit users: 20 RARE each

≥100 deposit users: 25 RARE each

Bonus: The first 20 users will deposit within the FIRST HOUR of the deposit opening time (from 12:00 – 13:00 GMT +8) according to their deposit completion time will get an additional 25 RARE each.

Important Note:

1. Multiple deposits within the activity period are allowed but each UID can only claim the rewards once.

2. The rewards will be distributed not later than 2021/01/02.

3. In order to ensure the fairness of the activities, cheating behaviors such as wash trades, self-trading, bulk registration etc. are strictly prohibited, and in the event of such violations, BiKi platform reserve the rights to disqualify the user(s) immediately.

4. The final interpretation rights of the activity is at the sole discretion of BiKi platform.

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Submission period: 12/22, 18:00 – 12/24, 24:00 (GMT +8)

Lock-in period: 12/25, 00:00 – 12/31, 24:00 (GMT +8)

Interest Calculation Starts: 12/25, 00:00 (GMT +8)

Lock-in Token: RARE

Rebate Token: USDT

Total Lock-in Cap: 2,000,000 RARE

Lock-in Duration: 7 days

Annualized Yield: 13.88%

Min. Qty: 100 RARE

Max. Qty: 1,000 RARE

KYC: Not required

Interest Rebate Method: The interest will be paid first on a daily basis

Release Time for Principal: Not later than 2021/01/02

During the lock-in period, the locked assets are not allowed for trading, withdrawal and early unlocking. However, the daily paid interest can be used for trading and be withdrawn.

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Note: The interpretation rights of this activity will be at the sole discretion of BiKi platform.

How to participate: Login via PC/APP, click【BiKi Staking】and select the activity 【Lock RARE Mine USDT】

Token Introduction:

Name/Ticker: Unique.One (RARE)

Total Supply: 2,500,000 RARE

Circulation Supply: 2,000,000 RARE

Official Website:

Block Explorer:

Project Introduction:

Unique One is a non-profit truly decentralized Digital Art NFT Marketplace.

Note: The above information is strictly for reference only.

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