BiKiTalk: AMA Recap with Rico Pang, Co-founder of AllWin.DeFi

BiKi Premiere Lists ALLWIN DeFi

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership between BiKi Exchange & AllWin DeFi on the listing of $ALLWIN token. is a decentralized finance (DeFi) farming P2P gaming platform. Allwin lets you have the best of both worlds — to save money and the chance to win prizes! AllWin DeFi is a gaming platform provides liquidity, play and earn its native token – Allwin tokens

On 30 November 2020, we were honored to have invited the Co-founder of AllWin, Rico Pang to an AMA session with the BiKi community, sharing with them about the problems, solutions and challenges faced including what the future holds for them.

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Here’s a recap of the AMA on 2020/11/30, 19:00 (GMT +8):

Host: Hi everybody, I am Da Niu, the Community Leader of BiKi and also the host for tonight’s AMA.

Host: It’s an honor that we have invited AllWin Co-founder, Rico Pang to be our AMA guest to share AllWin’s story with our community members!

Host: Without further ado, we shall begin tonight’s AMA session. Let’s welcome AllWin Co-founder, Rico Pang.

Host: @RICO Welcome!! Please introduce yourself.

Rico: Hi, everybody! I am Rico (Peng Li Guo), a Chinese from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

Rico: I have been in the international cryptocurrency industry for more than 5 years, and currently focusing on technology development projects and investment in technology companies. We have already invested in more than 90 projects.

Rico: I am honored to be the co-founder to represent AllWin and Zelwin Games platform. I have known the owner of the Zelwin Group for many years and have a deep friendship. This time we are responsible for the operation and publicity in Asia, including future cooperation with domestic partners and communities. We are open to any collaboration discussion and please feel free to contact us. Our Operations Director and Head of China team are available in our community group.

Host: @RICO Please tell us about AllWin

Rico: Allwin is a decentralized finance (DeFi) farming P2P game on Zelwin.Games and let you have the best of both worlds — to save money and the chance to win prizes. Allwin.DeFi gaming platform provides liquidity, play and earn Allwin tokens which is the native utility token.

There are 4 ways users can earn:

1. Play a game. You have an ability to double tokens in 3 minutes in a 100% fair game with other players on the Zelwin.Games marketplace. The number of games is not limited.

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2. Farm. Hold Allwin tokens in the game and farm daily profit proportionally to the entire gaming platform.

3. Passive income. Invite friends via the referral program and receive passive income from all their bets.

4. Buy / Sell packages. The marketing program provides an opportunity to receive 5% from 1 to 7 levels of the partner’s deposit amount.

About Allwin DeFi project:
Gaming platform:

Host: Thanks, currently what are the stellar achievements? Please share with us (such as: investment, team members, public interest, celebrity endorsements, etc.) @RICO

Rico: We are the first crypto gaming platform. You don’t need a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market to play Allwin. Each player will not depend on the solution of the system, algorithm or other software tools, the impartiality of which is often in doubt. Participants compete in the correctness of the prediction only with other participants: with friends, or random opponents.

The boss of Zelwin is a Russian billionaire-level crypto giant and a well-known entrepreneur. A household name in the Russian cryptocurrency industry, AllWin is a game platform project of the group

Host: What problems do AllWin solve? @RICO

Rico: Asset security. For AllWin, we use two different systems of protection — antifraud for withdrawal systems, we also have email confirmation + 27 more protection solutions and are constantly strengthening them.

Our cybersecurity technology is able to detect any clones, bots, IPs that are identified during the login and etc. This ensures our user’s data are secure and there is no risk of such data breach in our platform. We are in the blockchain space and it’s a joke if we can’t secure our user’s privacy, like those centralized exchanges who always get the hack. We can’t be like them!

Host: What makes AllWin different? Why would consumers choose AllWin?

Rico: Allwin is an experimental protocol that unites some of the most exciting innovations in DeFi and crypto games.

100% fair play and payment of all obligations are guaranteed by the most reliable technology in the world – smart contracts of the Ethereum and Tron blockchains, which not even developers can change now. You can make sure that they are safe from the documentary audit or by yourself, and the data that affects the outcome of each round you can find on

HostWhy did AllWin choose to list on BiKi?

Rico: We have launched the decentralized exchange-Uniswap. Listing on biki is hoping to launch a centralized exchange to facilitate more users to trade allwin. At the same time, because biki has a large number of Asian users, This is also the first step for us to deploy ecological globalization and expand the Asian market

Host: What is going to change and improve from this partnership?

We will launch more gameplays on the platform, and these gameplays will also be used to a greater extent in Allwin

On the other hand, with the overall ecological of Zelwin, Allwin will also have more applications

In the Asian market, we will cooperate with more KOLs, please continue to look forward to it.

I hope BIKI’s community will support the business development and cooperation of the AllWin project in China!

Host: Thank you, I hope BiKi and Allwin will have many more cooperation coming up.

Host: Regarding AllWin, do you have any supplementary information for us and our users? @RICO

Rico: I am also one of the founders and executive director of the Global Blockchain Organization (GBO). We will launch global resources to develop the AllWin market

Host: Okay, thank you very much for the wonderful sharing by our Guest. Our AMA session has come to an end. Now we will proceed to the Q&A session. Everyone is welcomed to ask your own questions.

Community Question 1: How much circulation is currently on the market and how much the project party holds?

Community Question 2: Will there be any activities after listing on BiKi Exchange?

Community Question 3: Apart from cooperating with BiKi to develop the Asian market, are there other strategic deployments in the Asian market?

Rico: AllWin has started to build a community in ICO Panterra in South Korea, and will expand into the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Middle East market.

Community Question 4: What is the difference between referral program and marketing program to obtain income?

Rico: The difference is the rebate from the referral package for recommending new friends, and the other is the rebate for the spending on playing games.

Referral program refers to the users you invite to participate in the game. You get invitation rewards from the handling fee

Marketing program refers to the users you invite to participate in purchasing the package of the platform and deposit it in mining to obtain income, divided into 1-5 levels

Community Question 5: Does the marketing program include games? Is the income also collected from the partner’s deposit or from the game no matter how it wins or loses or is it just a one-time reward during deposit?

Community Question 6: Did Allwin have any private sale in the early days? What is the private private price? How are Allwin’s tokens allocated?

Community Question 7: Does your game platform support withdrawals? Currently? What is the threshold for withdrawal?

Community Question 8: Does Allwin have a PoS for tomorrow’s Ethereum 2.0 plan?

Community Question 9: What are the Allwin development plan in recent years?

Community Question 10: Is the operation and maintenance cost of the game platform drawn on each round? How much is it drawn?

Community Question 11: How many gamers currently?

Rico: Over 20,000 members

Community Question 12: Does the platform have video-related materials for knowledge and promotion? Is there a group or community?

Community Question 13: What are the games available to play?

Community Question 14: Are the games on open source?

Rico: Yes

Community Question 15: Is there any official website?

Community Question 16: What is the current price for AllWin?

Rico: $0.27

Community Question 17: Where can we buy Allwin tokens?

Community Question 18: When will BiKi list the USDT pairing?

Community Question 19: What is the use for Allwin token?

Community Question 20: Is there any requirement for withdrawal?

Host: Our AMA has come to an end, and thanks to our Guest for the wonderful sharing tonight.

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