BiKi, 1st CEX To List SMG (Smaugs), The World’s First NFT Marketplace Powered by A.I.

SMG (Smaugs) list onbiki

A 3 mins read to understanding SMG and the intelligence in SMAUGS.

BiKi is the first crypto exchange to list SMG (Smaugs), a completely decentralized NFT ecosystem and marketplace, with customized DeFi and governance, on the 20th May 2020, Wednesday at 18:00 (GMT+8).

Built on Binance Smart Chain, transaction speed is faster and incur lower fee, it seeks to create a whole new playground that will open up more opportunities for everyone to have a chance to participate.

The NFT Market

NFT may have started only a few years ago but its market has tripled in 2020 to more than $250 million, according to a report by

To say that NFT is a fad is definitely far from the truth. Established brands, such as NBA and Tacobell, are also adopting NFT to earn not just profits, brand value but also to build a stronger fan base. Even traditional establishment such as Christie, an internationally renowned auction house of fine arts is now auctioning NFT. Their recent sensational sale of a digital artwork ““Everydays – The First 5000 Days,” in JPEG form by an anonymous artist that calls himself as Beeple, went for a thrilling $69.3 million.

Indeed, with Blockchain technology, NFTs have opened a whole new world of opportunities to artists and content creators to monetize their wares. They can now easily access a number of NFT marketplaces, sell directly to end buyers, keep more profits, and even program royalties so that they’ll receive a percentage of sales whenever their art is sold to a new owner.

Smaug looks to propel the industry with a complete ecosystem that is made easier and smarter with Artificial intelligence.

Making NFT Smarter With Articial Intelligence (AI)

One of its biggest difference from other NFT marketplaces is that it offers an AI assisted system that will make it easier for the budding artistes to create artworks and thereafter sell their creation in the marketplace.

In addition, artiste and content creators can increase their sales rates with AI-supported assistants such as sales analysis of their NFT works and product recommendations.

Many aspiring creators tend to give a blind shot with their creations, then pray and hope that it can get sold. With the AI system, it will analyse on the sell-ability of the art piece and make the necessary adjustments.

Extensive Features Unlike Other NFT platforms

Smaug looks to normalise and unite the diverse NFT landscape, adding on the applicability of the tokens of different projects to Smaug’s system through partnership agreements.

For example, users will be able to use tokens belonging to different projects to be used during NFT token generation. All this can happen automatically without the use of third parties and thus providing flexibility and the ability to own unchangeable assets.

In addition, Smaug contains features such as:

  • High transferability with the ability to buy products belonging to different projects using the respective project’s token.
  • Providing a much faster, easy and cheap NFT token generation via Binance Smart Chain Network
  • The ability to send purchased/produced NFT tokens as gift packages and earn $SMG
  • Periodic incentivizing of NTF token gifts to $SMG hodlers

Smaug Development Roadmap

SMG (SMAUGS) roadmap.

Since inception, Smaug developing team has developing in leaps and bounds. After listing SMG onPancakeswap in April, it is now listing on crypto exchange, BiKi, Asia’s fastest growing crypto platform.

They have released their demo design and will add Stake feature powered by their partner company Tosdis Finance.

Smaug has already garnered the support from KOLs who have tried their NFT creation application with much raves and positive feedback.

Upcoming in May, Smaug plans to activate on the NFT marketplace, thereafter activating it on the mainnet once the Certik audit reports are finalised in June.

The team will also have different events and competitions will be added to the system.

Smaug envision the value of $SMG to grow as it is built on the foundation of a scalable project that is technology focused. Hodlers of SMG, will be part of the ecosystem, gaining access to the NFT marketplace and be the pioneers to a constantly growing NFt ecosystem.

📌 Token Introduction

Name/Ticker: SMAUG (SMG)

Total Supply:90,000,000

Circulating Supply: 35,000,000

Official Website:


Block Explorer:  0x6bfd576220e8444ca4cc5f89efbd7f02a4c94c16

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Reasons to trade $SMG on BiKi Exchange

  • No Deposit fees

BiKi will accept deposits only from the following cryptocurrencies (BTC and USDT) and will not charge any deposit fees.

  • Below Than Average Trading Fees

For each cryptocurrency coin, the BiKi platform uses a flat charge of 0.15 percent, which is very attractively competitive on the market and below the level of industry for similar cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

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