BIKI & SpaceTravel – AMA Recap with Judy Yu, Advisor!

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It was a lively evening chatting alongside with Judy Yu, Advisor to the SpaceTravel Project! Our audience was eager to learn about the project and ask questions about the project’s plans moving forward.

ICYMI, here’s what Judy had to share with us —


Host of AMA

Hi everyone! Please welcome Judy Yu, advisor to the SpaceTravel project!

Before we begin, I just wanted to share a brief introduction about what the SpaceTravel project is about…

Spacetravel BUBU App is a unique lifestyle app that combines the powerful features of geospatial navigation mapping, digital payments, reward system and gamification into one unified platform that creates an eco-system of both users and providers benefit from participation. The app is powered by blockchain provided by the much-acclaimed Zilliqa blockchain technology, which allows the platform to be used by multiple markets in the world. The key and first payment provider partner that will facilitate payments through the app is Unionpay. The first government partners are the Singapore government and the Indonesian government. The company plans to open the markets of China and Japan in the 4th Quarter of 2020.

Host of AMA

Judy, can you introduce yourself to the community?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

Hi everyone, I’m Judy, an advisor to the SpaceTravel project!

I’ve worked in the IT and Technology industry for over 15 years across various markets in South East Asia and China. As a solutions consultant for various projects, I have created various technical solutions to meet complex problems, like ERP solutions and Process Improvement systems for large enterprises including government agencies.

On top of that, I was one of the original solution developers of the current Spacetravel navigation and mapping system that has contributed to the initial prototype of the Onemap 2.0 that was requested by the Singapore Land Authority of Spacetravel. Besides this, I am currently working closely with some Indonesian agencies on technology projects.

Host of AMA

Really impressive! We’ve heard a lot about SpaceTravel’s BUBU app, can you share with us what it does?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

Through the BUBU App, SpaceTravel strives to create a lifestyle ecosystem for the travel and tourism industry, using a globally available navigation app that includes both outdoor and indoor mapping (rarely available), merchant ratings and discount coupons. Utilizing AI and AR technologies, it enables users to navigate the best community-curated destination deals while enjoying a gamified reward experience. Integrated with Chinese social media platforms, BUBU also offers UnionPay payment solutions, hence solving many pain points for Chinese tourists.

Host of AMA

Definitely a must-have for all travellers, especially with the integrated payment solutions in BUBU, making payment a seamless experience.

What does SpaceTravel hope to solve in the tourism industry?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

In the post-pandemic era, even when travelling is not yet possible physically, SpaceTravel allows travellers to begin their journey or relive past travel experiences from the comfort of their homes. Users can start planning for their trip and even start to order authentic souvenirs and experiences right to their doorstep. Putting the pre-purchase of the trip and reward system on the blockchain allows a transparent and fuss-free amendment experience in case of any changes to the itinerary in these times of uncertainty. Similarly, SpaceTravel also efforts to engage the merchants and consumers by giving them a gamified experience using live streaming and other social media platforms, which allows the travel experience to begin even before visitors step foot into a particular tourist spot.

Host of AMA

Is there any patented technology in Bubu app?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

Yes, the map and navigation system is military grade and is a patented technology. And it includes indoors navigation.

Host of AMA


What is the future roadmap of Spacetravel that we already do not know? Anything interesting that will create a new market of opportunity?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

Spacetravel plans to do a Virtual Real Estate Security Tokens Offering (STO) on the map landscape in the app in 2021. This is the new era of advertising on virtual real estate and ownership of virtual real estate asset for branding and marketing purposes.

The MAC token will act as warrants and options for right to purchase the STOs, as well as a payment currency for the STO. This is currently not done by anyone in this region. Please stay tuned for more exciting information.

Host of AMA

What are some standout features in the project?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

There are quite a few!

  • A top military-grade map that is linked to the Singapore map and Indonesia land data which not even Google will have access to
  • Indoor navigation on the map
  • Rewards system incentivising lifestyle behaviour
  • Immediate payments on the app to merchants tied to rewards
  • Multiple markets
  • Crypto coin as a reward
  • Cross border use of rewards

Host of AMA

That’s a lot of features! We are definitely excited to explore the indoor navigation map!

You have made really strong partnerships! Can you name us a few and how they play a pivotal role in your project?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

  • Unionpay — Payment systems provider for payments on BuBu app
  • Singapore Land Authority — for developing OneMap 2.0, and to migrate 100K users over
  • Bali Tourism board with Unionpay — Onboard 10,000 merchants in Bali on Bubu app for Chinese tourists to pay via Unionpay on BuBu app
  • Ziliqa — blockchain platform design and implementation, joint go-to-market
  • Aqiliiz — rewards system on blockchain
  • Fomopay — additional payment methods on Bubu (Paynow on SGQR code for Singaporeans)
  • GPA Dental group — for group of clinics on bubu app in Singapore
  • Virtual Logistics — delivery driver using the Bubu map app for navigation

Host of AMA

Great partnerships! We’re looking forward to seeing all the good news coming from it 🙂

Which are markets that Spacetravel will operate in? How do you intend to get to those markets? What are the timelines?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

Spacetravel will first start with Singapore and Indonesia, where contracts have been signed with both the Singapore government and Indonesia government (starting with Bali Tourism board)

Spacetravel will aim to expand in the following markets after SG and IN.

1. Thailand and Malaysia — Oct 2020 onwards
2. Japan — Sept 2020 onwards
3. Central Asia — Kazakhstan — Mar 2021

4. Europe — France — June 2021

Will aim to work with the tourism board and merchant eco-system in the new markets.

Host of AMA

Why did you decide to partner with BiKi Exchange?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel

That’s a really good question, BiKi is one of the top exchanges globally with a strong community. It is also one of the exchanges with active community engagement from the exchange.

Most importantly, with a robust platform, BiKi has applied for the new Payments Services Act license in Singapore, which not many exchanges can pass the stringent requirements in Singapore. This is important to Spacetravel as we are also licensed under the new Payments Services Act, so we need to work with an exchange with the same approval from MAS.

Host of AMA

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to a strong partnership with your project!

Last but not least, do you have any juicy updates to share with us?

Judy Yu @ SpaceTravel


  • a WeChat program designed in partnership with UnionPay and various tourism boards due to launch early-Mid June
  • a “brewing” operational expansion in “the land of sushi and ramen”
  • a signing ceremony with UnionPay and Bali Tourism Promotion Board
  • Ongoing discussions with tourism boards across APAC on how SpaceTravel and BUBU App can play a role in the revival of tourism and travel, especially critical during this COVID-19 induced economic downturn
  • a PS (Payment Services) Act license application with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Host of AMA

That’s an exciting line-up for 2020 and we wish you the best of luck ahead!

Thank you, Judy, for taking the time out to be with us today for this AMA.

Thank you to the audience for being here as well!

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