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BiKi Staking Pro telegram
BiKi Staking Pro telegram

The “BiKi Staking” under the BiKi Wealth Management Zone will be upgraded to “BiKi Staking (Pro)” with high wealth management income available in multiple token type.

“BiKi Staking (Pro)” is a stable income investment and wealth management product for blockchain assets which provide users with continuous stable income that is risk-free using formulated wealth management methods. For popular projects, we will set a minimum threshold and holding requirement to give priority in providing benefits and increase stable income channels for BiKi users.

BiKi Staking (Pro) will be launched on 2020/11/13, 19:00 (GMT +8) and at the same time, a wealth management activity will be launched for 8 Hot tokens as follows:


1. Hold Wealth Management

Participating Method: Users only need to hold the selected token in their Exchange Account according to the requirement for the selected token to get daily income with deposit, withdrawal and trading at any time. The more tokens in holding, the more income it gets.

Income Distribution: T+1, the system will take random snapshot of the token holding position of the user’s account and distribute the income to the account on the next day

2. Lock Wealth Management

Submission Time: 11/13 19:00 – 11/16 19:00(GMT+8)

Interest Calculation Time for 14 Days Lock-in: 11/17, 00:00 – 12/01, 00:00 (GMT +8)

Interest Calculation Time for 30 Days Lock-in: 11/17, 00:00 – 12/17, 00:00 (GMT +8)

Rebate Token: USDT

Min. Quantity: 100 USDT

Total Quota: 200000USDT

Principal and Interest Release Time: The principal and interest will be released the day after the completion of the interest calculation.

During the lock period, the locked assets cannot be used for trading or be withdrawn or early unlocking.

Account for Snapshot: Available Balance in the Exchange Account

How To Check Income?
BiKi Staking > My PoS Record > Hold PoS

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Detail”

3. Click on “My PoS record”

Note: The income for USDT wealth management are mainly interest income earned from BiKi Fastloan and Leveraged Trading. The final interpretation rights of the activity will be at the sole discretion of BiKi platform.

Register your BiKi account here and start staking now!

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BiKi iOS App
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