Ramps Up on Globalization at Devcon Osaka and Blockchain Life Moscow

Of late, the various international markets have been increasingly warming up to the young crypto exchange, With globalization initiatives well under way, the new player has seen its appeal escalate on the global scene as it continues to hop from city to city on its world tour, progressively augmenting its richly-connected and vast networks. The ability to offer a fast-track to project development and growth has also generated intense interest amongst projects to work with the resourceful bitcoin exchange. The first half of October saw BiKi cementing even more global relationships, this time in Japan and Russia.

The BiKi team branched out in Japan, attending Devcon Osaka, the biggest ETH convention of the year, as well as other events such as Blockchain Summit Privacy 2.0 in Tokyo, where Business Development Director, Matthias Ang, delivered a keynote about BiKi’s Market Impact Plan — a plan to help projects literally grow and penetrate into the Chinese markets with continuous branding exposure on top Chinese crypto news sites, as well as with Chinese influencers, some with over 100,000 followers, as their community moderators. New ties were forged with established Japanese firms that will be part of the BiKi ecosystem in Japan who can offer media and community-building support in order to grow BiKi’s listed projects. The groundwork laid out by the young crypto exchange in Japan will also be instrumental in helping its projects penetrate the strict government controlled Japanese markets. 

Global Business Development Director Matthias Ang delivering keynote on BiKi exchange globalization plan

Over in Moscow, Russia, at Blockchain Life, the BiKi team is opening new doors with the diverse networking opportunities at the massive convention, where 6,000 people from 70 countries are in attendance. BiKi’s newly appointed Business Development Director, Dennis Hui, is speaking on the fourth generation crypto exchange with a focus on how has expanded its role from being solely a medium for bitcoin exchange to include marketing and community-building aspects, amongst others. As with Delta Summit in Malta, the BiKi team will also be organizing an exclusive private meetup for potential partners following the convention.

Business Development Director Dennis Hui delivering speech at Blockchain Life Moscow

Since announcing its ambitious globalization plans two months ago, the BiKi team has wasted no time in implementing its internationalization initiatives. The current Moscow foray marks its 8th global stop as the exchange continues to form lasting ties and garner local support in each of the 8 countries it has set foot in. Projects keen on getting listed and activating rapid growth are encouraged to enquire at

The end of October will see the BiKi world tour head west to San Francisco Blockchain Week. In addition to the Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada, BiKi will continue to make inroads into the western markets by participating at the impending San Francisco gathering of top blockchain projects, influencers from academia and developer communities, as well as investors from all around the world.

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