BiKi Premiere Listing TEAM

BiKi premiere lists Team with the following information:

1. Opening time for deposit: Already opened

2. Opening time for trading: 11/14, 10:00 (GMT +8)

3. Opening time for withdrawal: 11/16, 10:00 (GMT +8)

About TEAM:

Team is a platform that allows token holders/devs to lock their liquidity and create team vesting schedules, all from one easy to use platform.

The $TEAM app creates unique smart contracts for each token depending on the specific requirements for each team vesting plan. Team is 100% decentralized and non-custodial.

Each transaction/smart-contract creation on the TEAM platform distributes $TEAM tokens to Stakeholders of TEAM.

provide “Token Locking” solutions for token developers and founders. This solution is much needed in the space, as it provides security to token investors, knowing that there is a structure to the team\’s allocation of coins.The infamous “rug pull” cannot take place if teams lock their Liquidity Pool tokens and their team tokens. We make it easy for token developers to lock their tokens and show the public the details of their lockup smart contract.

How is TEAM different from other token locking services, like Unicrypt and TrustSwap?

We went to great lengths to build a platform with superior structure, UI, ease of use, and simplicity compared to our competitors. However, we believe what really sets Team apart from the others in this space is our public facing profiles, which provides deep insights into the lockups for the world to view, all on a easy to read profile. Additionally, Team takes transaction fees from token lockups and distributes some of the proceeds to TEAM token holders through our staking program.

We are building new smart-contracts to handle more blockchains, and we will announce their releases soon!

charge a 0.5% fee when locking tokens for any period of time when making an initial deposit. Alternatively, this fee can be cut in half by paying with TEAM tokens. The price will automatically be calculated by comparing the price of the asset with the current price of TEAM tokens.

Alert mint function of project analysis

What does the TEAM Token do?

The TEAM token provides essential utility within the Team ecosystem. Users who lock their tokens can reduce their fee by 50% by using TEAM tokens to complete the transaction. Transactions involving TEAM tokens are distributed as a staking reward to current token holders. Additionally, we are developing new functionality for for TEAM tokens with respect to upgradeable functionality, etc.


Each coin has a cover “market”.

Each coin investor can purchase covers But only if there are bids by team cover sellers So if I just bought “DOG” coin, I can go team and view the “DOG” cover offers And buy one if I want

Offers are made by the team holders

It shows the terms And it’s up to the DOG holder to decide if they want it

Each “cover” decision has a vote by TEAM holders And voters get paid tokens for contributing to the ecosystem

Completely community run

TEAM holders vote on whether it was rugged or not

So here is the step for a purchaser:

1: Buy DOG on uniswap

2: Go to team page for DOG

3: Click “buy cover”

4: View offers available

5: Purchase a cover in TEAM depending on price set by lister

6: Result of cover is voted on by community

7: Result decides who gets the win

This forces projects to lock with us, cuz only then can they open up their project to team covers And covers only transact in TEAM, not ETH or any other token

So there is no impermanent loss

We’re like a nexus mutual but funded by TEAM cover offerers

Also. This “cover” does not cover developers just sucking

It’s for hacks/rug pulls only

It’s not a hedge against poor performance

If the team community votes “not a rug” then the order is not filled

It’s for hacks/rug pulls only

So devs can’t found BS projects and just do poorly and get free TEAM

TEAM cover funders make money, and DOG cover purchasers are safe against hacks/rugs

This was the concept we originally made

We are developing it now

It’s like Nexus Mutual, “Rug Covers”

Protects investors against hacks and rug pulls by project buying team token cover, if the project break it, team token will be distributed to the affected token holders.

So far, we have successfully locked 🔐

* Toshifynance

* OctoFi

* Curate

* DiFyFinance

* DaoSwap

* YearnGlobal

* PortaProtocol

* Passport

* CumSwapCORE

Team locker (staking)
0.3% of the 0.5% fee will be distributed to team token holders. Holder can go lockers to claim the tokens

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