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Acheron Trading

Acheron Trading Build Liquid Markets for Digital Assets

Alison Block Consulting

ABC(Alison Block Consulting) is a professional company specializing in block chain project consulting and technology management. The team members came from top universities in China and Korea. Experience includes hedge funds, large Internet Co, consulting firms.

AU21 Capital

At AU21, they back the most brilliant founders who want to start a revolution in the blockchain space.

BigCoin Vietnam

Bigcoinvietnam Company is one of biggest venture capital funds in Vietnam focusing on blockchain industry. We are also a conscientious communication partner and consultant for ICO, crypto projects in terms of various marketing services.

Block Journal

The Premier Blockchain Magazine. The world's leading source for blockchain news. Learn More, Expect More.

Block Patch

Block Patch is a blockchain consulting company located in Seoul, Korea, contributing to the blockchain ecosystem, by providing blockchain business creation opportunities and strategy development services through project development and expert training.


Block72 is a global consulting firm specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Our team is led by senior management from top global investment banks and management consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, and HSBC. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis on promising blockchain projects from our primary offices in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul.


BlockConnectors is the first-stop solution for ICOs in Singapore. They connect you with ecosystem partners and provide core ICO services such as initial assessment, whitepaper drafting, private placement, community management, and token development.

BlockVenture Coalition

The BlockVenture Coalition is a global alliance of top research groups and VC funds in the blockchain space. The firm has partnered with 41 university blockchain research groups and 44 blockchain specific VCs.

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Cryptocurrency exchange software provider ChainUP is one of the toppest white lable and SaaS system exchange software company.