BiKi Listing of AQN, a DeFi Project with Automated Price Protection (APP)

Aquanite (AQN)’s Rich Background:

AQUA Labs provides advanced arbitrage trading development and decentralized finance product services with a strong community of 100K + users using the service across the world. The company has achievements on disrupting arbitrage trading and decentralized finance technology were featured on Forbes, Wallstreet:online, yahoo finance and Cointelegraph

AQUA Labs is delivering a multi-strategy trading and asset management ecosystem through its innovative Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage (AQUA) system.

AQUA ecosystem is driven by leading trading strategies, and since there is so much fees to be paid to AQUA system for the use of the software to make arbitrage easier and profitable. Team behind AQUA Labs begins by issuing parent token, AQN a utility token which can be used to pay for services or strategies, staked by users to incubate new trading teams, and carries unique loyalty benefits.

“We are looking forward to bring blockchain investment products to broader audience with BiKi, Labs is looking forward to this partnership, we believe BiKi as a strong partner will assist and enable more users to understand the idea behind AQUA ecosystem; more importantly to bring blockchain adoption moving forward together. ”  – Team AQUA Labs

The most effective arbitraging models in various industries: Commodities – Cryptocurrencies – Sports

AQUA Commodities compare over 30 pairs of commodity trades per second to detect arbitrage opportunities, then automatically executes trade orders to a market center or exchange. AQUA Crypto consists of traditional cross exchange 2-way arbitrages and the more advanced triangular 3-way arbitrage. AQUA Sports scans through over 300 major, minor leagues the sports bookmakers worldwide, identifies arbitraging opportunities for users, then automatically calculates the fund allocation for bets and the profit margins before finally executing the bets.

AQUA Trading Strategies

AQUA Trading strategies is consisting of the following four strategies which is based the bot is based on a Python AI script that runs 24/7 to collect price data from the crypto exchange of each triangular pairs. The data collected is then run through the AI for analysis and then a risk-arbitrage factor is given to the analysis. In the case of a positive factor, the bot automatically places trades using trade APIs within split seconds. The trading strategies includes:

 Triangular Arbitrage:

Strike Arbitrage:

Reversal Arbitrage:

Box Spread Arbitrage:

AQN, A Utility Crpytocurrency

It will allow AQUA users to gain discounts on their AQUA fees. Previously, AQUA fees were priced at 30% of profits made, now, with AQUANITE, fees will be much lower at only 20% of profits made. By owning AQUANITE, you will automatically be paying 33.33% discount based on the original AQUA fees that you were paying for. With a discount in fees, it means higher profit margin for users to make.

Automated Price Protection

Aqua Labs has made a promise to the users to develop an Automated Price Protection (APP) protocol to preserve the value. Aqua Labs will use a minimum price of USD$1.00 to buy AQN back using Aqua Fees. Which means users need not worry about the fluctuation of AQN if it goes below USD$1.00 as they can always use it to pay for fees at USD$1.00. Any valuation above USD$1.00, AQUA labs will follow the market rate to allow users to pay for their fees. With this APP, users also will never have to sell AQN below USD$1.00 because it will only make economic sense to use it to pay for Aqua Fees. Therefore, this protocol has created an automated price protection for AQN to not go low USD$1.00. The unique protocol of APP has never been used in the crypto currencies space before, but now, AQN has proven that price can always be protected.

For Instance: USD$100,000 account will generate average of 15% returns which is USD$15,000 per month. Out of this, USD$4,500 will be paid to Aqua Lab for Aqua fee per month. If AQN is used, user only need to pay USD$3,000 per month instead. USD$1,500 will be saved monthly, and within a year, a user can save USD$1,500*12= USD$18,000 of fees if AQN is used.

Token Holder Pricing Protection

There is an Automatic Circulation (AC) ecosystem for AQN to be sustainable. Every day, month and year, there will always be people paying for AQUA fees. This is a constant business with 2 years of track record. The amount of fees is estimated to be more than USD$100,000,000 every month by end of 2020. Therefore, to use AQUA smarter, users will opt to purchase AQN regularly to pay for the AQUA fees for discounted price. Since there is only a limited of 500,000,000 AQN at USD$1.00 circulating in the market, just 5 months or less of AQUA fees will out demand the initial total supply. This will lead to price increment if users do not sell it at lower than USD$1.00 per AQN. With this Automated Circulation (AC) at such volume, you will not need long to see the price increment of AQN Success stories of exchanges using their internal token such as LEO, BNB, HT has been the talk of the town in crypto currency space, by providing discounted rates to their trading fees. AQN supports the performance fees of AQUA system which is a tangible technological product that can be purchased by users. This alone could push the sustainability and even to the inflation of AQN to a much higher status than these exchange owned tokens.

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