BiKi Listing ENEX.SPACE ($ENX) – The DeFi Platform To Rock The Blockchain Space

A 3 mins read to understanding the galactic features of and $ENX. Trade $ENX on BiKi.

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the launch of Ethereum 2.0, where the claim of speed will be increased alongside with possible lower gas fees, however nobody knows when exactly that will happen.

With the market seems to be getting increasingly impatient and many Dapp creators are looking elsewhere for alternatives.

In comes, a DeFi platform powered by the Enecuum Network and Tabula protocol, both built by Trinity Lab, to bridge connections across various blockchain protocols. It utilizes its native $ENX token for liquidity on the AMM DEX and facilitate trading operations with a host of attractive features to allow users to trade, earn, issue, and raise on one platform with a much lower fee structure.

It is its very first swap link to Enecuum blockchain, integrating DoDo pAMM instead of the typical AMM into the swap, allowing mobile users to be miners and also allow projects to issue tokens.

Backed by the highly professional team that has successfully developed the Enecuum project since 2017, the team understands the volatility of the market and are constantly developing and generating ideas of “tomorrow’s”.

The Enecuum Network combines the ‘Trinity’ protocol combination of Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Activity (PoA), and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms to deliver a hybrid form of consensus, powered by the ENQ token that allows users to create custom tokens on top of it.

The Security Pain in Tradition AMM DEXes

In the Uniswap-like AMM DEXes, a default approval to the stake will allow all possible amount of approved tokens to be managed by the DEX smart contract, which poses a grave security problem as it breaks one of the main principles of a cryptocurrency. the owner and only the owner of assets should have full control over the assets. The architecture of Enecuum Network seeks to return the ownership of the asset control to the owner of the asset without approval functionality opposite to Ethereum based blockchains make your pools secure and leave you full control over the funds.

ENEX.Space – A Cross Chain Bridge

ItsTabula cross chain bridge will connect Ethereum, BSC and Enecuum in its first phase, following on with Polkadot, Fusion and other blockchains in development, which increases liquidity for DEX traders with extremely low fees.

It also has the flexibility of bridging assets from Ethereum / Binance Smart Chain to Enecuum and back again with wrapped assets added to your Eneccum wallet backed by Ethereum assets, gives developers more ways to navigate.

A Clear Comparison Of Monetary Benefits

Here you can find comparison of the fees, which includes DEX commission and network fees, of each trade on existing DEX’s to ENEX.SPACE.

Fees comparison of among AMM DEXs

Taking the lowest trade amount of $100, the fee on ENEX is a whooping 89% lesser than the Ethereum based platforms and almost 50% lesser than the BSC based platforms. Overall, the trades under $80,000 on ENEX are more profitable than UniSwap and SushiSwap.

On the LP providers reward aspect, it is apparent from the table that ENEX.Space LP providers will get the same profit as on UniSwap, more than at SushiSwap and PancakeSWAP. Furthermore, there is an additional commission of 0.05% for each user trade from Commander ENEX Treasury Fund.LP Rewards comparison of ENEX.Space among AMM DEXs

LP Rewards comparison of ENEX.Space among AMM DEXs

It seems, we have a winner emerging already.

Liquidity Pools Structure And Incentives

Liquidity pool is trading pair with an automatic market-making (AMM) mechanism. Whenever the trade is successful, 0.35% percent of the trade volume collected as a fee., 0.3 percent returns to liquidity pool incentive and 0.05 percent sent to Enex treasury as LP tokens. These LP tokens are used to buy back Enex and sent to the Space station for distribution. Tokens that Tokens cannot trade to $ENX sent to the burn addresses.

 ENEX.Space three liquidity pools
ENEX.Space three liquidity pools_BiKi_blog

Features For Greater User Experiences

ENEX.Space also introduces a variety of farming features to provide incredible user experience:

  • Space Harvest Farming

The Space Harvest Farm allows users to yield farm $ENX rewards based on staking LP tokens.

  • Space Drop

Allows for Enecuum Network projects to achieve high user adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to $ENX token holders

  • Space Station

Users can earn 0.05% fee from the trading fee on ENEX.Space, when they stake their $ENX

ENEX.Space is also currently developing more plans in the coming future, such as  Initial DEX Offering and an NFT market are currently in the works.

“The future of the crypto “Space” looks exciting with project, such as, that are user-centric. BiKi is happy to bring to the BiKi community a project that has strong growth potential and glad to be part of the development for ENEX,’’ said Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia.

“We are happy to the partnerships with BiKi, which will open doors to the Asia market, and we are excited to share with traders from the Asia market on the benefit of trading with paying minimal commissions as compared to the other AMM DEXs,” said Mikhail Sayfullin, CEO of ENEX.Space.

📌 Token Introduction

Name/Ticker: ENEX (ENX)

Total Supply:21,000,000

Circulating Supply: 1,050,000

Official Website:

Block Explorer:  0xd0d7a9f2021958e51d60d6966b7bbed9d1cb22b5

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Reasons to trade $ENX on BiKi Exchange

  • No Deposit fees

BiKi will accept deposits only from the following cryptocurrencies (BTC and USDT) and will not charge any deposit fees.

  • Below Than Average Trading Fees

For each cryptocurrency coin, the BiKi platform uses a flat charge of 0.15 percent, which is very attractively competitive on the market and below the level of industry for similar cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

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