Launches the BiKi Research Institute

With the global team currently on its world tour, drops yet another surprise announcement – the launch of the brand-new BiKi Research Institute (BRI). 

An initiative led by BiKi founder and CEO, Winter, the industry research lab’s main focus will be on research and development in these key areas – industry trends, project incubation, quality assets, investment funding, bitcoin mining, trading software, ethereum wallet registration as well as increasing user acquisition. 

A fourth-generation exchange that emerged from the crypto winter of 2018, where according to some quarters, crypto exchange numbers reached 11,000, has managed to climb rapidly up the crypto exchange ladder. Today, BiKi has 1.5 million registered users, 130,000 daily users, over 2,000 community partners, and 200,000 highly active community users; it has entered the ranks of top-tier exchanges where it currently sits within the top 20 in exchange rankings on CoinMarketCap.

While rapid success is highly sought after in all industries, the rising star crypto exchange cautions that this success has to be judiciously managed. The quick rush to success can obscure a company’s direction and lead to mistakes in strategy and development. Hence all the more is there a need for a “brain” to lead and prevent such stumbling blocks.

Functions Of The BiKi Research Institute 

As an investor and a medium of exchange between projects and traders, BiKi exchange will rely on BRI to improve listing standards, operations and post-listing activities, whilst protecting platform users from risk.

BiKi Research Institute’s three key focus areas can be categorized as: 

  • High-quality assets, such as technology pathways, innovating models and their applications; BRI will help BiKi screen quality global projects and explore opportunities in ecological layouts; 
  • Increasing user acquisition, which will include research on the industry’s new gameplay strategies to bring new traffic to the platform and eventually to the industry; 
  • Developing BiKi’s industry development patterns and researching industry development trends so as to forecast future industry developments in bitcoin mining, trading software and ethereum wallet registration. 

Indeed, the Institute appears to cover the entire spectrum of the industry – from market acquisition to project incubation to industry development trends. These areas of focus are similar to those of Binance Labs and Huobi Research. The key differentiator, however, is once again the speed at which the one-year-old establishment has progressed to the next stage of exchange growth, evidence of an advanced vision of long-term growth and development.

In the words of founder, Winter, “We’ve onboarded all the hottest assets, world-premiere assets, high-quality assets in the market, and even the platform coins such as our BIKI tokens that we think are valuable.” 

Amplifying Success

As the exchange continues to implement three of its successfully proven strategies, the BiKi Research Institute will support and develop these strategies even further to amplify the results.

  • BiKi leverages on each listed project’s community to bring a certain amount of traffic. Hence, the community size of listed projects is of paramount importance. BRI’s role here will be to conduct professional analyses on the projects for selection as well as to optimize the value of listed projects for better trading and investment opportunities.
  • Using incremental marketing, BiKi has seized the market share in third- to fifth- tier Chinese cities, a largely untapped market, who are new users to crypto exchanges. While early adopters enjoy first-mover advantages, there is no shortage of latecomers to exchanges and BRI will need to research on the industry’s new gameplays and develop more innovative ways to help BiKi stay at the forefront of traffic acquisition through developments in bitcoin mining, trading software and ethereum wallet registration.
  • uses 100% of its platform fees to repurchase and burn its platform currency BIKI which increases the value of BIKI and naturally also the loyalty of users who hold the coins. Compared to other exchanges who only apportion a certain percentage of the platform profits for repurchase, BiKi’s 100% is unparalleled in the industry, a statement of its commitment to creating value and demand for BIKI tokens.

Leading The Path To Success

However, with the many variables in the industry, it will be crucial for to ensure a healthy wholesome development of BIKI tokens and the responsibility of conducting the research into the industry trends and future developmental directions of both the token and the exchange will lie squarely on the shoulders of the BiKi Research Institute. 

While a ‘brain” such as BRI is crucial to the exchange’s evolving development, if the past year or so has shown us anything at all,’s penchant for upping the ante will require that BRI’s navigational leads enable the exchange to not only reach its destination, but to reach it a whole lot faster.

“I do not dwell in the past; I am seizing the opportunities for the future,” states Winter, affirming his vote of confidence in BiKi and simultaneously the hopes of the many who anticipate a bright future for the young exchange. 

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