BiKi Launched AQN Liquidity Mining with Triple Benefits up to 2000 USDT Rewards

BiKi platform will be launching AQN Liquidity Mining with Triple Benefits and up to 2000 USDT rewards is waiting for you. The details of the activity are as follows:

【AQN Liquidity Mining with Triple Benefits up to 2000 USDT Rewards】

Activity period: 2/19 – 2/25

Rules: During the activity period, users who participate in the liquidity mining for AQN/USDT will receive DOUBLE BENEFITS, that is, grid profits + AQN mining rewards proportionately from the daily mining output.

Bonus Rewards: 3 lucky winners with the most liquidity provided for AQN/USDT will be selected on a daily basis to receive an additional 100 USDT rewards.

Important Notes:

1.  The platform will contribute 50% trading fees of AQN/USDT as the liquidity mining pool reward.

2.  Grid orders that are running for less than 1 hour will not yield income.

3.  Grid orders with price gap of more than 10% will not yield income.

4.  Grid orders may be terminated at any time but terminated orders will no longer yield income.

5.  The mining rewards will be distributed T+1 with the first distribution on 2/20.

6.  The bonus rewards will be distributed not later than 2/28.

7.  In order to ensure the fairness of the activities, cheating behaviors such as wash trades, self-trading, bulk registration etc. are strictly prohibited, and in the event of such violations, BiKi platform reserve the rights to disqualify the user(s) immediately. The final interpretation rights of the activity is at the sole discretion of BiKi platform.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your valuable opinions.

BiKi Team

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