SpaceTravel BuBu (MAC)

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1.What is SpaceTravel?

SpaceTravel is focused on navigating the labyrinth landscape and various points of interest of different countries, combining real-time traffic conditions and user inputs to pinpoint places of interest and convenience. Through Spacetravel’s flagship go-to lifestyle application “BUBU” powered by superior satellite map technology, we hope to enable users to have an enhanced lifestyle experience from exploring places of interest to locating specific stores in buildings. By combining real-time traffic information and merchant inputs, we aim to provide value to the stakeholders. We also aim to incorporate a transparent review mechanism, a blockchain based reward program that helps merchants engage and keep their customers loyal, as well as applications such as reservations at restaurants and payment processing. The application offers multiple solutions to various groups, including:

  • For drivers and commuters – Easier navigation with both indoor and outdoor maps of places, and Real-time updates of traffic information
  • For merchants – Understand crowd demographics and directly advertise offers to consumers in the area through gamification. Reward their consumers through an innovative reward mechanism. Seamlessly accept payments from Chinese Tourists.
  • For consumers – See reviews on shops and products, receive deals and promotions from merchants, and earn redeemable, exchangeable and non-expirable reward points from participating in activities and programs. Interact with tourist attractions and merchant stores using gamification and location based games.
  • For logistic companies – accurately pinpoint collection points and delivery locations, even for indoor larger buildings and structures
  • For tourists – Easier access to tourist attractions, access discounted offers and coupons, seamless payments and booking, and hassle-free tax refunds –


2. What are Competitive Advantages of BUBU App?

  • Geographical Mapping and Navigation Engine
  • Payments, benefits and loyalty
  • Background and motivation
  • Bubu infrastructure for loyalty benefits and rewards
  • Bubu payment infrastructure
  • Merchant ecosystem
  • Gamification and Incentivized Participation
  • BUBU CSR Component
  • BUBU Partnership with Existing Taxi Services


3. MAC Data


Price (Before discount)0.1 USD
Token NameMAC Token
Token SymbolMAC 
Token Available for Private Sale50,000,000
Token Available for IEO100,000,000 (20% of the total supply)
Total Supply / Supply Available500,000,000
Accepted CurrenciesETH, BTC, USDT
Soft-CapUSD 2 Million
Hard-CapUSD 10 Million



4. MAC Website Community Socials

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