lists leading layer 2 scaling solution Matic Network (MATIC)

On 14 February 2020 15:00 (GMT+8), BiKi will officially list MATIC, opening MATIC/USDT trading pairs and launching several crypto campaigns for new users and fervent supporters to win some MATIC through a cryptocurrency airdrop.

“This partnership with BiKi will offer the Matic community and wider crypto community a secure, reliable and efficient trading experience. With over 2 million registered users and 130,000 daily active users trading BTC, ETH, LTC and more on BiKi, listing will also lead to improved liquidity for MATIC token. With BiKi’s strong international presence in the 3 top crypto markets — South Korea, Vietnam and China, alongside Matic’s cemented influence in India, I believe the exposure to different geographical regions from this partnership is a win-win for both of us,” added Sandeep Nailwal, COO & Co-founder of Matic Network. 
The Matic Network team has a vision to scale the Ethereum ecosystem. They could see the inherent challenges of scaling which are slow, expensive and complex, in the current ETH blockchain environment and envisioned a method of Layer 2 scaling. This could effectively overcome blockchain’s scalability limitations and provide the infrastructure to facilitate widespread mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.

Notably, Matic Network is one of the few projects backed by multiple top exchanges, having received Seed Round funding from Coinbase Ventures, held IEO on cryptocurrency exchange Binance Launchpad, which had an ROI of more than 16x at its ATH price in December and now the listing on fast-growing young cryptocurrency exchange, The CEO and co-founder, Jaynti Kanani, is also one of the original Plasma implementers, having worked alongside Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon on implementations of Plasma MVP.

Matic Network’s adoption rate is currently standing at 40+ Dapps, which are building on the network infrastructure. Due to their ability to provide high throughput, low transaction fees and tools to make blockchain development as seamless as possible, Matic Network is able to consistently onboard Dapps on a weekly basis

They have also seen overwhelming interest from validators wanting to be a part of their crypto network’s PoS consensus mechanism. The testnet staking event, Counter Stake, has already attracted the interest of over 500 validators, foreshadowing traders’ enthusiasm for mainnet launch this quarter.

Matic Network stands out by providing infrastructure for Dapps with effective mass adoption-ready scalability, mainstream-level UX and tools to make blockchain development and Dapp usage seamless. This is done with Matic Network’s Plasma-based sidechain solution which enables countless Dapps to process high TPS rates per Matic sidechain; as well as seamless UX to allow mainstream users to be accustomed to the beginner-friendly layout and not realize they are developing in blockchain.

Aside from improving its own technology, Matic Network is playing a key role in spearheading India’s decentralized movement. It seeks to empower India’s blockchain developers. Last year, Matic Network, Binance Labs and other companies co-hosted a hackathon, Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru to provide a platform for India’s blockchain developers to challenge themselves.Ever since then, an overwhelming majority of Indian blockchain projects began building on Matic Network, which coined them the name ‘Blockchain of India’.

When asked about the listing of MATIC, Ethan Ng, Southeast Asia CEO of BiKi cryptocurrency exchange says “I am honoured to have such a recognized project from India list with us. BiKi is looking forward to growing its cryptocurrency exchange alongside Matic Network. Their work ethic to not only improve on their network and token value but also give back to the bigger blockchain ecosystem is very admirable and in line with what we at BiKi live by. BiKi also believes in providing value to users, by sectioning a part of the transaction fees earned to buyback and burn BIKI tokens, as well as to alleviate BIKI trading fees, we ensure users have an enjoyable and stress-free trading experience.”

In terms of crypto token utility, MATIC token has multiple layers of utility. This includes transaction fees on Matic Network, participating in PoS consensus mechanism, and taking part in token and NFT sales.

“The Matic Network team is always looking for ways to increase the global availability of the MATIC token and provide our community with more options for a great trading experience. With BiKi’s keen focus on security and user experience, our priorities are neatly aligned. We look forward to working with BiKi to offer the crypto community the option to trade MATIC on BiKi’s advanced and rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange.”Says Nailwal.

MATIC holders can look forward to the final mainnet launch this quarter, which will signal the implementation of the final version of our infrastructure, with all capabilities enabled, such as the Plasma fast exit services on mainnet, transaction relay pool (perform transactions without ETH) and generic smart contract support (with Plasma guarantees).

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