The 21st century is a time of huge steps in the sphere of technology and today we have the opportunity to access the Internet from anywhere in the world. In particular, money activities of various types in the network have become a usual case for us, but the successful implementation of any major project requires capital expenditures. In this regard, safety of personal data, as well as the security of transactions and savings is one of the main aspects of making business today.

Unfortunately, with the development of technical progress, not only the ways to manage money, but also the ways to steal it have appeared. Official statistics show huge losses around the world, namely 24.26 Billion dollars and It is only for 2019. For 2019, this number increased by 18.4% and still continues to grow up.Today, credit card Fraud is ranked 1 among other possible illegal manipulations.

Basing on all these facts, we have no choice but to protect ourselves and our finances. Another point is that today many people still keep their assets in cash which lose their value at a high rate because of the course of inflation. In this regard, many investors try to keep their savings in cryptocurrencies. But unfortunately, exchange orders do not always have the necessary volumes to buy or sell.

One more unpleasant point is the growth of the exchange rate because of such volumes of sales and purchases. This thing significantly affects the difference in initial and further price of the coin. Fortunately, the digital sphere has prepared a surprise for us – investors can make transactions in large volumes without fluctuations of coin’s value using the most secure intelligent systems that exclude the possibility of human mistake and the involvement of third parties. These opportunities offer Coinsbit Project to appear, create CNB token and help solve these problems.  BiKi Exchange is pleased to list CNB as one of our different tokens for trading and purchasing in the cryptocurrency market. 

1.What is COINSBIT token (CNB)?

  • It is a token created by the COINSBIT team. The token was created primarily to facilitate and accelerate buying of cryptocurrency on the OTC exchange which works based on B2p. It offers traders a unique discount between 15 to 50% on trade commissions for purchasing cryptocurrency. 
  • Launching the exchange IEO “Coinsbit OTC Token”, gives the user an opportunity to purchase a token. To reduce the commission load of transactions, users stores OTC coins on their main balance and receives a discount when paying commissions. The entire process is fully automated for users’ convenience. 
  • The OTC token will be used as a single and unified currency for interaction with the OTC system platform.


2. What are the Competitive Advantages of CNB?


Transactions are made on your exchange account, which not only simplifies the process, but also protects you from unnecessary, questionable actions on third-party services.


All transactions are regulated directly by the exchange, which protects you from non-fulfillment by the second party of its part of the transaction.


On Coinsbit, all exchange quotes are pre-verified, which allows you not to worry about the integrity of the transaction and its implementation. 


In case of any problems with the execution of the transaction, the transaction can be sent to arbitration, which will allow you to settle all disputes with the second party under the control of an independent arbitrator


3. CNB Data

[Updated on 29th June 2020 based on:]


Coinsbit Token Price$0.00045970
Market Cap$101,771
Market Cap Dominance0.00%
Trading Volume$128,267
Volume / Market Cap1.1208
24h Low / 24h High$0.00037912 / $0.00051638
7d Low / 7d High$0.00038867 / $0.00052527
Market Cap Rank#1257
All-Time High$0.00323245 -85.9%Jan 10, 2020 (6 months)
All-Time Low$0.00026821 70.3%Jun 15, 2020 (14 days)
Coinsbit Token/Bitcoin Ratio1 BTC = 19769462.85 CNB



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