BiKi Group is a global blockchain digital asset trading service provider. At present, the Group’s business includes spot trading, derivatives trading, digital banking, blockchain industry investment and other businesses with operations centers in Singapore, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Turkey and 7 other countries.

In the previous article, we have discussed about and its reputation in Korea, BiKi Exchange wants to continue today with the same topic but in Japan. 

1.About BiKi Exchange

  • Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked Top 20 on CoinMarketCap. has provided a digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs. 
  • is focused on providing the safest, most stable and most effective cryptocurrency trading platform. 100% of the transaction fees are used in buyback and burning of platform token, BIKI. 
  • Since its official opening in August 2018, is considered one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 3 million registered users, 50,000 daily active users, over 2,000 community partners and 200,000 community members. 


2. BiKi Exchange’s Activitity towards Japanese crypto market

On 1 November 2019, BiKi Exchange lists Quras (XQC), which aims to take privacy to the next level. By enabling anonymous transactions in a smart contract on a public blockchain, Quras aims to ensure privacy for both its consumer users and business enterprises. Quras utilizes two leading privacy technologies: zero-knowledge proof technology and ring signature technology. These two technologies enable the necessary data privacy, consumer protection and business protection, as well as flexibility, that is needed for mass adoption.

The accomplished project has attracted over 3500 private investors. Most notably, XQC is accepted in over 100 stores and restaurants in Japan. Based on official statistics, BTC is accepted in over 340 stores while other altcoins combined are accepted in 94 stores. This makes XQC to be the number 1 most accepted altcoin as payment in Japan.


3. Future Direction in Japan

  • Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Exchange in the event of partnership with Quras said that: “BiKi is pleased to have such an established project in Japan come to join us. The use case of this token is clearly visible in the mainstream markets now, being widely accepted in stores around the country, and it won’t be long before more people see the value of increased privacy on the blockchain in Quras and XQC token. BiKi is also keen on expanding into international markets and we are eager to experience the crypto community in Japan”. Token holders can anticipate the Quras Main Net to launch soon, in Q1 of 2020. The implementation will also apply privacy protection to the smart contract code. This will allow companies to handle smart contract transactions and dApps on-chain, protecting their privacy. 
  • From 2020 Q2, Quras will strengthen the privacy protection function of group anonymity, for tracking of blockchain transactions in larger organizations by a ring signature. Quras will also launch a distributed file storage test launch, for data output by DApps to be stored through the blockchain. A good thing to note for investors is there are two coins on the Quras blockchain. These are XQC (QurasCoin) and XQG (QurasGAS). XQC is listed on BiKi exchange. XQG is a coin for GAS on QURAS blockchain, and is automatically staked to XQC holders once every 18 seconds (provided that XQC must be stored in a public address).
  • These plans of Quras blockchain and BiKi Exchange as well anticipate improvements and development in Japanese crypto market particularly and Southeast Asia countries in general.

In conclusion, BiKi Exchange takes pride of itself in bringing about competitive advantages with special programs and plans to global users. For example, they are involved in trading and transactions relating to: bitcoin, stablecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, coinbase earn, zcash, wallet registration and various prices.

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