Announces Partner Node J.M. Consultancy Services Limited

BiKi is pleased to announce its 11th Partner Node, J.M. Consultancy Services Limited, a blockchain advisory. Hopping on the express towards rapid global expansion, has strategically cemented partnerships with local partners all around the world, thereby extending its reach into local communities, influencers and media all around the world.

Gearing up for a full-house turnout this evening at the opening event of Singapore Blockchain’s international team continues to push forward on the globalization front. 

The newly consolidated partnership between the two companies will see a collaboration aligned on service orientation – helping projects grow exponentially and organically, with a focus on geographic challenges; a move that will likely attract western projects looking to enter the difficult-to-penetrate Chinese markets.

Led by a team of crypto evangelists who “strive to promote DLT and blockchain technology to mass adoption”, J.M. Consultancy is based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Founding members hail from OKCoin, OKEx, CoinSuper, HSBC and Citibank. 

Since January 2019, the professional advisory firm has been acting consultant to businesses entering the cryptocurrency space, listing over 150 projects, advising on industry “secrets” and best practices, and in total, generating revenues of over USD 30 million. Its impressive portfolio of Top 20 exchanges includes the likes of Binance, Bithumb, Bittrex, Liquid, OKEx and KuCoin, to name a few. will now be the newest addition to that choice list.

Speaking on the recently inked partnership, Ethan Ng, CEO of Southeast Asia, said, “We are pleased to have J.M. Consultancy on board with us. Their high levels of enthusiasm are commendable, having already begun quality project referrals, leading us to successful listings soon. They have such great initiative on top of their amazing track record of a strong experienced team. I’m very happy to have such an outstanding VC in Hong Kong join BiKi’s industry circle. They will be a strong addition, making our networks a force to be reckoned with – the Allstars of Blockchain.”

Similarly ardent, Matthew Cheung, J.M. Consultancy Founder, chimed in, “We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership with BiKi. Combining their trusted platform with our skills and expertise will undoubtedly bring about significant benefits to the industry worldwide.”

He added, ”I would define BiKi as the blackhorse within the crypto-exchange space in Asia – having the right mindset, a legitimate business roadmap and a solid team for further expansion. An upcoming exchange that is trying to do all the right things.”

Recently, the consultancy has also been influencing the regulated space of cryptocurrencies, strategically advising a few exchanges in Asia and helping them attain licenses in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. 

This tie-up with will see J.M. Consultancy join the ranks of BiKi Partner Nodes such as Chain Partners, whose well-connected network of Korean VC’s augmented BiKi’s circle of partner nodes, on top of project referrals and a successful Korean meetup; likewise with Global Digital Assets, BiKi’s gateway to western markets, who has provided many referrals in that region.

“There’s a saying ‘Crypto never sleeps’, if you miss the opportunity, then someone else will happily take it away from you,” commented Cheung. “As partnerships form, it’s more than just immediate cash flow boosting, it’s also about working with like-minded people, who operate efficiently and are able to grow at the same pace. What J.M. is able to offer is everything above and more. A big announcement is about to come out, watch this space!” 

Indeed recognizes all Partner Nodes as unique entities with the potential to contribute in different yet extremely valuable ways to the global ecosystem that BiKi is building. The partnership with J.M. Consultancy will most certainly be mutually beneficial, offering reciprocal pipelines to both parties’ extensive industry resources. 

When considering the BiKi Partner Nodes system, Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” comes to mind. Each “step” of adding a BiKi Partner Node is fundamental in establishing the BiKi ecosystem which, by way of its global and communal nature, ultimately extends benefits to the entire blockchain collective.

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