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  • Memecoins Bubble
  • Memecoins’ returns
  • The Next Bandwagon of Real Returns from Real Assets
  • Understanding how AurusDeFi delivers real returns for traders 

The Memecoins Bubble

Since Elon Musk took to actively posting tweets about Dogecoin in April 2021, the coin that started out as a fun project, reached an ATH of $0.681842. In the weeks that followed, a fury of memecoins came in to the spotlight, such as Hokkaido Inu, Shiba Inu, Kishu, and took the crypto industry by storm. 

Despite its meteoritic rise, it came to a dramatic fall from popularity and along with it, so did the price, as memecoins work primarily on the fundamentals of social fanfare to create that speculative bubble.

Many traders bought into these memecoins, not because they have any meaningful value, but because they hope others will pile in, push the price up and then they can make a quick buck selling it off.

Marketcap of Dogecoin

Marketcap of Shiba Inu

Price Chart of Hokkaidu Inu

Price Chart of Kishu Inu

From the price charts, it is evident that most memecoin hodlers are left with a deficit on their memecoin value as the coins, after the ephemeral fever, have fallen back close to their pre-hyped price levels. While memecoins, as argued by some, open up more trading opportunities, others perceive it to be hurting the credibility of the crypto industry as a whole. Nonetheless the appreciation value of memecoins is unfortunately not visible.

Can hodling memecoins help traders earn instead?

Some memecoins provide the mechanics of reward sharing with the transaction fees required for the trading of its coin, so as to keep their hodlers, engage their community and to attract trading volume.

Below is a table comparing the transaction fees allocated to reward hodlers for some of the memecoins. 

Memecoins Market Cap Percentage of Transaction Fees To Token Holders
ASS Unverifiable 10% 
SAFEMOON $2,378,511,612 10%
LION Unverifiable 3-10% 
SAFEMARS $68,349,034 4% 
YOOSHI $35,016,235 4% 
HOKK Unverifiable 2% 
KISHU Unverifiable 2% 
PIG Unverifiable 2% 
SHIB $4,234,344,349 3% $BONE Mintedperblock & 0.3% All Ethereum Transaction Fees
AKITA Unverifiable 0%
DOGE $48,274,578,690 0%
DOGGY Unverifiable 0%
DOGZ Unverifiable 0%
WOOFY $10,879,494 0%

So the point to consider here is, if such “fee-share incentives” are adequate enough to justify the risk of hodling these memecoins. 

Take Safemoon, for instance, in the scenario that you hold $100 of SAFEMOON, per transaction fee of $1,000 on SAFEMOON (sharing 10% of the transaction fee) will earn you a proportional reward share of only $0.001463.

The Memecoin Bubble Development 

Traders are fundamentally looking at deriving capital gains with their trades, therefore projects that are not built with a strong business case in mind and only rely on ‘social ecstasy’, lack the strength to grow continuously and sustainably. In addition to the memecoin fever fading, making a quick buck from crypto projects that thrive on mass euphoria, may not be the best way forward. 

This leaves memecoin hodlers holding on to hope while only enjoying the very small percentages received from transaction fee distributions. The transaction fee distribution model will only be effective based on the principle of more users coming into the market to allow early hodlers to gain such direct benefits. 

The Next Bandwagon of Real Returns from Real Assets

AurusDeFI (AWX) is a new type of asset. It is the perfect hedge against the volatility of precious metals as AWX gives investors a personal stake in the Aurus ecosystem. Transaction revenues generated by the trading of physical precious metals in the Aurus ecosystem, offers AWX holders a passive revenue stream paid to hodlers in precious metals tokens. 

AWX is the revenue-sharing token of the Aurus ecosystem, hard-capped at 30million, AWX allows the Aurus ecosystem to be highly scalable, completely self-sustaining and decentralised. As the ecosystem grows, so do the revenues generated for AWX hodlers. 

Aurus is planning to activate their AWX revenue sharing mechanism towards the end of Q3 2021. It looks to give AWX hodlers substantial rewards to share in the on-chain transaction revenues generated by all of the precious metals in the Aurus ecosystem.

AWX investors get a share of the fees generated from the usage of the precious metal-backed tokens for tokenization, transaction, storage and are distributed as follows:

AurusDeFi (AWX) Percentage of Transaction Fees paid to AWX Token Holders
AWG 50% 
AWS 30%
AWP 30% 
  • AurusGOLD [AWG] 50% -> AurusDeFi | 50% -> minting partners (25% gold providers, 25% vaults) 
  • AurusSILVER [AWS] 30% -> AurusDeFi | 70% -> minting partners (35% silver providers, 35% vaults)
  • AurusPLATINUM [AWP] 30% -> AurusDeFi | 70% -> minting partners (35% platinum providers, 35% vaults)

Currently, the market cap for AWX is at $7,006,598. Once again in the scenario that you hold $100 of AWX, per transaction fee of $1,000 on AWG (sharing 50% of the transaction fee) will earn you a proportional reward share of $0.007135 passively. Paid to you in AWG.

The Bridge Between Digital Money And Real World Commodities

The charm of gold has not diminished and interest has increased after generating double-digit returns in the last one year. In fact, the precious metal’s market in the US alone, including gold, is well worth $182.1 Billion in 2019 with projected growth of compound growth rate of 9%. With the global precious metals market being worth almost $12 trillion.

Aurus looks to stand in the perfect sweet spot being the only project that brings the entire precious metals industry into the crypto world. 

What Is Aurus?

Aurus is the only project that the entire precious metals industry can participate in and benefit from. By working directly with key precious metals industry players, its biggest strength is the sustainability of the ecosystem and the decentralized nature of the supply and distribution of its tokens. 

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and hosts a global network of companies such as refineries, vaults and precious metals traders that work together to independently tokenise their own precious metals: AurusGOLD (AWG), AurusSILVER (AWS) and AurusPLATINUM (AWP). Each token is backed by and redeemable for 1 gram of the respective metal, sourced from LBMA-accredited refineries and stored in fully insured and audited vaults around the world. 

The system was specifically designed to be independent from Aurus, so that even if the company disappeared the tokens would still represent direct ownership of the metals, just like a gold bar would. Users don’t need to trust Aurus to trust AurusGOLD. 

Strong Business Developments Upcoming

AWX is going full steam ahead on the trajectory to growing into a fully decentralised global precious metals trading Defi ecosystem. Aside from the revenue sharing mechanism commencing soon, it is also opening more DeFi features on the dashboard on its up-and-coming website and App, such as:

– Staking programs (Earn interest)

– Liquidity provision to generate rewards in AWX

– Defi Borrowing and lending services 

– DEX trading access 

– High Net Worth Crypto-to-Precious metals service 

Savvy crypto traders should look into this project at current prices before it goes “to the moon”. 

In your crypto portfolio, would you prefer to hold a token that generates you a 2% reward share based on drummed up trades or 30 – 50% from its transaction fees from real business growth, paid to you in real assets?

AWX listed on BiKi at https://bit.ly/35aivtF with an opening price of $2.00 and current price of $3.404 (11 June 2021)

⚡️ Read more about Aurus and AurusDefi (AWX) here: 

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Aurus News page:  https://aurus.io/news/

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