A Complete Guide to BiKi Grid Trading

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  • Buy/Sell Crypto To Make Profits
  • Buy/Sell Crypto Strategy
  • What is BiKi Grid Trading?
  • Benefits of BiKi Grid Trading
  • How does it work?
  • How To Start BiKi Grid Trading?
  • Step by Step Beginner’s guide to BiKi Grid Trading

Buy/Sell Crypto To Make Profits

Many crypto users look for valuable cryptocurrencies like $BTC and $LGCY to buy, hoping to make profits. For example, buying $BTC at $10,000 and selling it at $18,000. Wow that’s a $8000 profit!

But many users are asking the same questions, how do you make sure u “buy at lowest point” and “sell at highest point”? The clear answer is, it is extremely challenging to achieve that.

So the next question is, how do you know when to buy and when to sell? Again, the answer is no one can give the perfect correct answer, because the truth is, the market is very liquid and it’s a global market working 24/7, no one possess that much information to know when to buy and when to sell, they can only predict with the limited information one has. 

So how about ALL-IN and then HODL (a term in crpyo circle know for holding)? A lot of people do that. The answer is, yes a lot of people do that and a lot of people got burnt from this strategy, hence its not a smart way to trade in crypto, it is clearly a high-risk gambling method.

Buy/Sell Crypto Strategy

Then what is a safer option and still making profits? Introducing Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy, a very popular strategy deployed by top investment brokers around the world including firms like JP Morgan and Brokers from Wall Street.

image source: https://blog.goodaudience.com/

It is a strategy where you place a fixed amount of money every month over a long period of time, by doing so, you can smoothen your trading risks. This means you will buy more tokens when the price comes down and fewer tokens when the price is higher.

If you have used the Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy on Bitcoin, you would have a ROI of 116% since 01/01/2019!

image source: https://medium.com/@bituniverse2017

Why is this the smarter strategy?

Instead of wiping out your capital from 1 high risk trade, and then checking your mobile app every hour to see the price movement, dollar cost averaging is low-risk and requires little monitoring.

  • Takes away impulsive buying and guessing of price prediction
  • Proven strategy that ensure you ride out the volatility of the market over time
  • Extremely easy to execute

What is BiKi Grid Trading?

BiKi Exchange has recently introduced a new feature known as ‘Grid’, currently available in APP and website versions only. Users can now execute Dollar Cost Averaging strategy with just 1 simple click. How BiKi Grid Trading works is it employs the capabilities of an Algorithmic Bot (commonly referred to as Algos), to execute Dollar Cost Averaging strategy automatically, all within the tap of a few buttons, and all in the comfort of your own mobile phones.

Benefits of BiKi Grid Trading

  • It gives you a “Passive Income” with stable profits
  • All done with minimal monitoring
  • Hedge risk of price volatility over time
  • Simple 1 click to start
  • Easy to start and stop

How Does It Work?

In this example, we will use $LGCY and BiKi App to explain how it works
1. Place capital, you must have USDT and LGCY in your BiKi account first, you can easily purchase it on https://www.biki.com/en_US/trade/BTC_USDT and https://www.biki.com/en_US/trade/LGCY_USDT

2. The BiKi Grid Trading will then use the capital you placed to place orders in the order book in different prices, so when the market hits your prices, the transaction will automatically be executed and you would make a profit from the transaction.

This is the BiKi Grid Trading page for LGCY/USDT (this image was taken a while ago), we can see that it’s performing well.

Now placing 100 USDT and equivalent value of 100 USDT in LGCY and clicked confirm.

Immediately can see the orders that the Grid Trading A.I bot placed at a price gap of 1% below

So once the LGCY/USDT prices hit the prices that the A.I bot helped to place, the orders will be executed.

After a while, the Grid Trading A.I bot would have executed a few orders for you and you have made a few profits from the orders. This is an example of the completed orders.

Clicking on one of the completed orders to see how it was transacted, as you can see, the Grid Trading A.I bot purchased 4498.28 LGCY at $0.000404 USDT and sold 4498.28 LGCY at $0.000408, making a profit of $0.0156!

So as you can see, its quite simple to make consistent profits using Dollar Cost Averaging strategy on BiKi Grid Trading.

Step by Step Beginner’s guide to BiKi Grid Trading

In this example, we would be using LGCY and BiKi App for simplicity purposes

You can read more about BiKi Grid Trading Profit Calculation Dictionary here

Firstly, you need to register for a BiKi account, registration is easy and it can be completed within 2 minutes. No KYC is required for withdrawals within $5,000 USDT daily. You can register BiKi account here

Secondly, you will need to download BiKi App on iOS or Andriod

Click to image download BiKi APP

BiKi iOS App
BiKi iOS App
BiKi Andriod App
BiKi Andriod App

Step 1: Open BiKi App and login to your account

Search for LGCY like this:

Step 2: Place capital and press confirm

Note: The placed capital of USDT and token will need to be equal amount

Step 3: Check placed orders and completed orders

Any questions? Feel free to join our community and your questions will be answered promptly, our community managers will gladly assist you.

English Telegram:https://t.me/BikiEnglish

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